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Masturbation is proven to be very effective for taking rls away for a bit. I know no one likes to talk about it but there it is.

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Woody Allen

Don't knock masterbation, it's with someone I love


I told Woody it was mastURbate , not mastERbate!!


He may not be able to spell it, but believeme, it's THE ONLY thing he's good at!!

Woody Allen.

Remember the 'Orgasmatron' from the movie 'Sleeper'? Bet they have no RLS in the future.

Kim Jong - un

Hey Ralph, I agree completely. NO BIG PHARMA! Always natural here in People Republic. Forget pills and drugs, masturbation work! Long time, short time, same same. I like masturbation! I wondering, Can I use your hand?

Kim Jong - un

Hey Ralph, why you no call me? You have big hands? I like big hands. Dennis Rodman have big hands. I lonely since Dennis leave. You like play games? Dennis and I would play. Dennis play war monger, evil, capitalist aggressor and I be innocent, wholesome, peasant girl whose ox is stuck in rice paddy. NO BIG PHARMA. Call me!

Carlos Danger

Hey Kim: That peasant girl stuck in the rice paddy game sounds like fun - it really makes my legs restless if you know what I mean! How do I contact you? You might know me, I am really quite famous here in the US.

Kim Jong - un

Carlos Danger: Of course I know who you are. I really like your work. But for you I have new game. You can be young girl trying to get parents and brothers out of death camp and I would be, well I would be me. My people contact your people.

Carlos Danger

Huma always wants to be the man also! Oh well call me!

Kim Jong - un

Huma spend too much time with Hillary! I send plane, we have fun. No Big Pharma!

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