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Here's is the best remover yet. Apply a bit of Apple cider Vinegar to the wart with a Q-tip and then cover it with a Band-aid every night and in 1 to 2 weeks it will be gone. I tried it and it workes better than anything out there.

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I have like 18 warts on my hands. 16 on the left. a large and 1 small one on the right. And im pretty sure my is going to try this on my warts. Im hopeing all of them will be gone. like for good.


To tell ya the truth. I have been to the dr or dermatoligist 3 times. And i dont know but to say they are stupid for not telling all of us about this supplement that works. I havent tryed it yet. But I tryed the compound w like 3 times, cutting it w/ pairing knife, duct tapeing it. had the dermatoligist burn it ad freeze it off. So yeah. You cna see where im coming from Plus with this being said, im embarassed to show my hands.

I have 18 total warts on my hands, and more maybe growing.( dont know for sure) But Im goingto give this a try. Cause i am tired and pathed up with this crap and stuff. . . And looking down at what is to be know a nasty, disguisting, embarassing, and cauliflower looking warts. I want them gne for good. So im going to give this a shot! See what happens, by these reply and comments it looks like. All has done well to you all. SO hopefull and can do the same to me.

P.S.- How long does this has to last before the healing process can come in?
P.S.2-How much does this actuall hurt. ( i mean i can take pain and all.But to much pain that what i dont know for sure?:( )
P.S.3- In %wise how much does it work to its fullest with a big wart?

If you are telling me the truth that this stuff works! Thanks so much for the info and ur time and co-operation


my wart (which was pretty big!!!) was gone in 2 days! It turned black and dried up, then was easy to snip off with bandage scissors to remove the deadened skin. I applied a cotton ball soaked in apple cider vinegar for 2 days and kept it on overnight. It turned black instantly. This was an amazingly fast way to remove the wart and it never came back either!


A few years back I developed what I thought was a small clear mole on my neck. It didn't bother me, but eventually I realized it was a wart. I spent $20+ on the scholl's wart remover which supposedly freezes it. Did nothing - waste of money. So I did the ACV on it and boy it turned gross - the hole was black and easily fit the tip of a q-tip . I was quite embarassed at it b/c it was right where people can see when they're talking to you, but eventually it crusted and fell off. I put neosporin on it regularly to try to minimize the scar/hole left behind and after awhile it was barely visible.

However, I didn't do it enough b/c a year later, I noticed it looked like it was coming back but I wasn't sure b/c there was a slight scar. I put some ACV on it and sure enough it started getting gross again. Right now I'm in the middle of the 2nd week and when I apply the ACV it still oozes and stings so it's not dead yet. I'd say if you have had the wart awhile and think the 'core' is deep, continue to use even though it may appear to be gone b/c you may end up doing this all over again.


I used cider vinegar on my finger warts and they cleared up after about a week. I didn't cover them with anything - just held my fingers in a bowl of cider vinegar for about 10 minutes every evening whilst watching TV. Then dry them with a towel and don't rinse.

They didn't turn black, or burn - they just got smaller and disappeared.

And for the person who thinks it's a scam - who's the multi-millionaire cider baron selling 66-pence bottles of cider vinegar just to cure warts?


WOW! I tried this and after 3 days my wart is starting to flake off. What a great way to take care of it. Faster than many things - less painful than others...and all natural!


I recently used Apple Cider Vinegar to remove a persistent wart on my left thumb. It showed up about a year ago and nothing I tried would get rid of it. I tried acid treatments, freezing and even duct tape. Nothing worked. I googled wart remedies and stumbled upon lots of sites that suggest ACV. I was skeptical at first but figured it couldn't hurt to try it.
The method I used is as follows: I would wash and dry my hands thoroughly every night. After that I dipped a Q-tip into the ACP and cut off the tip of it, applying it directly to the wart. I then put vaseline around the wart to protect the good skin. (This is key- as the vinegar can really dry out and hurt the good skin around the wart.) I then applied a band-aid to my thumb to hold the cotton on the wart. I wore it overnight, then removed it every morning and showered and went about my day as usual. (This is also key- letting it air and dry out every day helps the process. I WOULD NOT recommend wearing it all the time- 24 hours a day. It needs to air out every day...) After 2 days the wart was already turning black and dying. After 9 days of this, the wart just fell out on it's own. I continued the treatment for a few days to ensure it was gone. Then switched to Neosporin w/ the band-aid for about a week to help heal the little crater/scar left behind. It worked great and my finger is basically back to normal, although the skin where the wart was is still a little pink and new.
I would like to note that I experienced ZERP pain doing it this way. I think just leaving it on at night and giving it air during the day helped. I also did not pick, exfoliate or cut at the wart in any way, that can just wound the skin more and make it worse. Let nature take it's course- it will fall off on it's own. I know it is easy to be impatient. But waiting for it to fall off of it's own accord worked best for me. NO pain, and no scar.
Good luck to all!

Jacob age 17

I had 4 warts on my hand in total, 1 on my left thumb, 2 on my right index finger and 1 on my right middle finger all at the bottom of my nail bed about 1/2 cm wide each. I tried this as the doctors wouldnt freeze them as they could damage my nailbeds and after day 1 they had turned black the pain on the first night was bad though it caused me to wake up 3 times during the night and it felt like i had a pulse in my fingers. At day 4 the one on my middle finger fell off as i saw it had lifted off so i pulled it off with no pain,bleeding and now it as almost healed up looks like a cut and only yesterday on day 6 did the one on my thimb and the smaller one on my index finger fall off in the shower again just having a little pick. Stopped te treatment now as the big one is black and dead as it doesnnt hurt and has swelled a little around waiting for it to come off all the others are heling up every day. I'm a very happy guy :)


This did not work for me.

ACV soaked cotton, Band-aid.

Every night for a week and nothing. Did not turn black, did not scab, and did not fall off.


I was skeptical at 1st read it all over the internet. This REALLY worked. I saturated a peice of cotton and placed it on there. Just make sure you ONLY cover the wart. I taped it up with medical tape did it for about 1 week and a half and its gone and never came back

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