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Here's is the best remover yet. Apply a bit of Apple cider Vinegar to the wart with a Q-tip and then cover it with a Band-aid every night and in 1 to 2 weeks it will be gone. I tried it and it workes better than anything out there.

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I had several warts on my foot and one on my hand. After 3 months of treatments at the dermatologist - painful scraping away and freezing followed by home applications of salcylic acid - nothing was changing. In fact, it seemed as if the warts were getting worse. Finally, the doc suggested that he inject a chemo drug at the site of the warts. He said that treatment would take up to 6 months of every 2-4 weeks. I said 'NO WAY.' I started searching online and came up on the ACV treatment. I was skeptical, but soaked some cotton in ACV and put a bandage on it and went to bed. The burning was so intense for about 4 days - burning and throbbing - it made it impossible for me to sleep. But I am happy to report that nearly 3 months later (mine were pretty stubborn) - all the warts on my feet (I had about 10) are gone. The one on my finger is a toughy - but I think it's because I have a tough time keeping it dry.
ACV rocks. $7 bucks for vinegar and another $30 for bandages and 3 months worked 100 times better than $800 at the dermatologist and 3 months.


OK LISTEN When i was younger i had a bad cluster of warts(about30)on the inside of my right hand!My great uncle john R came over and went to shake my hand but i wouldnt he saw the warts and asked me if i wanted to get rid of them,So I was like ok john ive tried everything on the market so....EVERY 1 GO OUTSIDE ,,OPEN HOOD ON YOUR CAR,,,WIPE YOUR INFECTED AREA AND OR A RAG AND THEN THE RAG TO THE INFECTED AREA WITH ENGINE GREASE OFF THE BLOCK,,WRAP THE WARTS UP WITH SOMETHING LEAVEING THE GREASE ON,,,,AND BAM BAM BAM I woke up the next day and all but the 2 biggest ones were GONE!!!!!they were almost gone though did it 1 more night all gone,,,pretty cool remedy from a 92 yr old man!!! always liked my uncle john god rest his soul. hope that could help for someone it sure did me


Apple Cider does not work!!! All it does is burns the areas around the surfaces!! I would not recommend.. It's obviously a scam!!!


My long wart story. Lots of useful information, though...

I had an enormous foot wart about 12 years ago and my mom told me to pare it with a knife and apply the liquid acid (the kind that is 40% marketed for corn/callous remover). I was very aggressive-- and it was a gory mess-- but I got rid of the thing using this method. Took about a month of daily paring and acid applications.

About 4 years ago I noticed that I have 2 new warts, one on the sole of each foot in corresponding areas. (I probably spread this to myself by mixing up my socks after the gym or something.) These ones don't hurt and it's hard treating the bottom of the foot area so I just left them because they say they go away on their own. What, when you die??

Then, about a year and a half ago I noticied I had 1 small and 1 medium wart on my leg. Through shaving they became a few up and down my shin. I know it's this cause they follow the pattern that I use in shaving.

Freak out!!! I tried everything--the acid, duct tape, more acid, nail polish, cutting, freezing. Nothing worked. What a crappy way to spend the summer, wearing long pants. Also treated the ones on the feet. Nothing worked, and covering the legs ones in duct tape made them grow/get connected satellite wartlettes.

Finally, I tried the ACV in December. Two on my legs came off (leaving me with 4 on the legs. The ones on the feet seemed they were leaving, I even had an empty crater on one foot, which I continued to treat. But now the foot warts are back like nothing happened. Maybe they're a bit smaller. It didn't hurt, just a little stinging if the area was bloody. Kinda liked the stinging, felt like progress.

Both of the ones that ACV killed on the leg went overnight. One left a very dark scar that looks permanant, the other left a mild scar that seems to fade. The warts haven't come back so I'm starting round 2 on the stubborn ones that remain.

I am lightly scoring them (they bleed easily) and using a q-tip to apply many layers of ACV. When it dries, I cover it with clear nail polish because 1)hopefully that will keep them from being spread via pants legs and 2) maybe it'll speed the cure (though the nail polish alone didn't cure anything for me).

Seems to be going well and one of them shows the early signs of dying. I only treated for 6 days the last time-- 3 days round the clock and 3 days for 12 hours. I wish I hadn't stopped...

Will update in a month.


in order to remove my GENITAL warts i highly recommend the Apple Cider Vinager, b4 trying ACV i tried the obvious choice, so i went to my gynecologist and she burned my warts off with a laser i was so relieved they were finally gone....they grew back after a month even bigger,i payed $500 4 that,the laser method only takes 20 min.

the ACV is only 1 dollar and gets rid off the warts in 3 days (for the big ones) and 1 day (for the small ones), u just have to leave a cotton ball soaked with ACV and leave it 8hrs (overnight)
After 2 days of applying ACV i started to get wounds, those were caused from the warts that already fallen off, i know that it really works, i was so shocked when i saw the warts falling off.
the wounds that ACV left on my genital skin were almost the same as the wounds the laser left me.

The only problem is that since the warts r caused by HPV virus the ACV only treats the symptoms it means the warts will come back everytime ur immune system is weak :(


I have had a flat wart on my finger for about 6 years now. For the past week I have been soaking it in ACV for about 20 mins before bedtime. That is about all I can stand before the pain starts. It seems to be making a bit of a difference but has yet to turn black. I have also been taking a black walnut tincture supplement and started taking a hair, skin & nails supplement by burried treasure this morning. Keeping my fingers crossed!

henry, KL, Malaysia

Hi, guys. Apple cider vinegar works like magic!! seriously. I was first sceplical about this treatment but since i ve tried a lot of things... i'd say why not?

I personally understand what does it feel to have warts on the sole. it is sooo irritating, annoying, painful! i my self experience this for almost one year.
at first i tried salicylic acid of course. i put on the wart everyday and it takes like loong time for the dead skin to peel off and the problem with the acid, it only removes superficial dead skin, not the deep virus under epidermis. so, unfortunately recurrence occur!! however, i was naive at that time. so i just continued using acid thinking that it should take like months for it to work. clearly, i was WRONG!
i also used patch form but it just gave same result. btw, it peel off the skin faster than liquid form.

so, next i used duct tape. didn't work also. warts did become softer but cannot be separated from skin. it's quite weird when almost websites said duct tape worked.

then, i used cotton, soaked in ACD. took a lot of effort! need to change the cotton everyday. need go to shower. easily detached duct tape. seemed not to be working too.

lastly, i decided to SOAK my foot in ACD. the smeel of ACD quite unpleasant.but i wold do anything to free myself from warts! i soaked my took everyday, while studying. first day : warts shrinked! it was quite painful.. a few days after that.. it became black.. but don't stop!! continue until the are totally dead!! separated from the skin. it took along time though! need to be very patient.

and now, i'm FREE! thanks everybody for the tips and advice. i could't believe it, after all this while. good luck! bye.


I've tried burning warts, Dr. Scholls, Compound W, perscription cream, cutting a potato in half, you name it-but nothing worked like Apple Cider Vinegar-I read these comments, used the petrolium jelly around it, soaked a piece of cotton ball with ACV and strapped it on with a band aid. It dried it up, after about 4 uses, turned a dark color, then scabbed off...sounds gross, but it's gone! My 4 year old nephew had to do the same thing, took 3-4 'treatments' and his are now gone too. It's safe, cheap, and it doesn't hurt...its like it dissolved it from the inside out, not just scrapping a layer off the top, it goes to the root of it! Thanks for the good advice :)


I can't believe this worked! I have had a very annoying and somewhat painful plantar's wart on the outer side of my right big toe for about a year now that I haven't been able to get rid of. I have tried just about every treatment and over-the-counter products for wart removal. None of them worked. I then stumbled across the apple cider vinegar method yesterday while I was searching the web with hopes that I may find another method of wart removal that I hadn't tried yet. I read all kind of testimonials from other people who had great success with the ACV method, so I figured I'd give it a go. I had nothing to lose and I was absolutely desperate to get rid of this thing. The last thing I wanted to do was to go see my doctor and have it frozen off since I heard that's not even always totally effective and the wart could possibly come back. I already had a bottle of ACV. I took a cotton ball, soaked one side of it in the ACV, applied to the top of my wart, and secured it in place with a big band-aid. Let me tell you, this HURT like hell!!! I have never experienced such burning and throbbing pain in my life. I had to take 800 mg of ibuprofen, but that only helped a little bit. I read that this excruciating pain that I was experiencing was totally normal and meant that the ACV was working, so I stuck with it, even though I so badly wanted to rip the band-aid and ACV soaked cotton ball right off because it hurt so much. I'm glad I didn't! I left it for for about 14 hours. When I woke up this morning, I was still having the pain and I removed the band-aid and cotton ball and my wart had turned completely black and was starting to come off! It worked! I was able to very easily remove a bunch of dead skin that was surrounding the wart and this left only a tiny portion of the wart still on my toe, but it's literally only hanging on by a tiny bit and underneath it is all grayish black. The grayish black color are dead blood vessels that used to supply blood to the wart to keep it alive. I'm sure that I could easily pick it off, but I think it will be better to just let it come off on its own. The pain is gone since removing the band-aid and ACV soaked cotton ball, so I'm going to clean it off in the shower in a little bit and then repeat the process all over again with a new cotton ball and band-aid. I'm sure that I will have some more pain, but this pain is totally WORTH IT!!!! After using the ACV for only one day, my wart is now dead and almost totally gone! I have been battling this wart for an entire year now and I am absolutely blown away by how quick and effective this ACV method is! I'll admit that I was a bit skeptical when I first read about it, only because I had tried so many other methods of wart removal, but none of them worked for me. I would TOTALLY recommend this ACV method to anyone who is struggling with annoying, ugly, and painful warts! This stuff really does work! Trust me. I am a very skeptical person when it comes to this sort of thing, but it proved me wrong in just one day!


Im 36 Y.O. male, had seven warts on the top of my head three big ones the size of kidney beans and four little ones the size of lentils, for more than ten years, I tried every medication possible with different specialized doctors.
FINALLY I tried the Apple Cider Vinegar, like magic, in ONLY FIVE DAYS all the warts are gone with NO skin color change NOR hair loss, I used a home made vinegar that my wife prepares thankfully. I applied the Vinegar three times daily every 8 hours, didnt cover them and left them to breath, i couldnt cover them where no tape could stick on hair, so i thought i would still give it a try, I soaked some cotton very well in vinegar and applied it directly with little rubbing on each of the warts, the next day skin started to turn black and fell as dried, kept doing this for five days, impressive, now I have NO WARTS and i still can not believe it. thank you all.

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