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Here's is the best remover yet. Apply a bit of Apple cider Vinegar to the wart with a Q-tip and then cover it with a Band-aid every night and in 1 to 2 weeks it will be gone. I tried it and it workes better than anything out there.

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hey i've been using the apple cider for botu 3 days now and i can see the middle of my warts are black, but they're still under white skin. is that white skin dead skin or part of the wart?

please let me know e-mail me at

happy bunny

hi had a wart on the end of my nose for nearly a year, it started as a spot but i couldn't squeeze it too painful so just left it alone it turned into hard skin,it wouldn't disappear so i used tweezer to pinch it off worse thing i ever done cos it turned into a wart it just got bigger by the month until it was 6mm big i tried the wartner treatment where you freeze the wart had no effect, then found people were using the apple cider vinegar treatment cost less then £2.00 for a bottle tried it cos nothing else worked i was really self conscious about my nose it took nearly a month to get rid cos i could only leave soaked cotton bud on my nose for 20 minutes it was quite painful to begin with when the wart turned black smooth filed wart with an emery board to get rid of hard skin, every second day would file skin after treatment until wart became completely flat, made sure i carried on with treatment for another two weeks wart has not returned yet skin where wart was has now healed with no scar


First of all let me get this out there. I am 14 years old and had a wart on my left index finger since I was 8. I tried freezing it, and over the counter wart removals and they did work BUT the wart always came back. I came across this acv article and decided to give it a try, I was skeptical at first since people were saying how it was sooo painful and I didn't want to go through tons of pain. I started this treatment 3 weeks ago and today my wart came off. Let me say this (and remember my age people) It did not hurt one bit. No pain AT ALL! Now I'm just hoping it does not come back.


I thought this stuff was all made up and wasnt true, but I'd had a wart for about a year on my thumb and it wouldn't go away! I tried freezing it off with those wart remover things but nothing ever worked!

So one friday i decided to give it a go, I put some cotton wool in acv and then taped it onto the wart for a couple of hours that day, and then overnight. I did the same Saturday night and Sunday night as well as for about 4 hours on Sunday! I dicovered that putting vaseline on the area around the wart prevented it from being burnt. I was going away to work at a camp on the Monday so I wasn't able to treat it again that week. However, during the week, it started to go black. On the Wednesday evening I filed it down a bit, and on Thursday I picked a bit at it, and by Thursday night it was gone! Some hard skin did grow and I was concerned it might be comig back but I was able to peel it off and now a wee and a half later it seems to be gone completely, slight scarring but nothing relly noticable. I'm going to try it now on a few smaller warts. But I would recommend it, it was relatively painfree, only slight pain and throbbing at times, and incredibly quick! Only 3 nights of treatment for me!


I found this site and decided to try to the Apple Cider Vinegar, and I love it! I had several warts on my fingers. The first night is ok (I do mine overnight), I take a cotton pad and cut it to the size of my wart, then dip in the acv, I then duct taped it so I knew i would stay on good, I then take it off in the morning and it looks white. Throughout the day you will notice little brown dots, thats good, the second night was usually more painful, I think its because its getting deeper in the wart, I suggest taking an ibuprofen before bed, the further along the treatment goes the darker the wart, it will get black then I didnt apply anything to it for a couple days. So it was scab-like now and you peel it off. Mine didnt fall off, I had to peel them off. It looks pretty gross cause when its pulled out its a hole. When they are bigger it will get black and you will peel it off and you can still tell that there is more wart so I just did the acv treatment again until it was done. But honestly, it works, I have removed 6 warts with it, all different sizes and am working on my last big one. It makes me feel so much better about people seeing my hands, I would always be embarrassed signing a reciept for someone at a store and them seeing my hands, but thanks to everyone on here, they're almost all gone!


Dear all,

After reading the comments here, I got some hope of curing my Periungual Warts which is around my fingers. They are spread bit wide. I started using ACV and since 4 days, it has become puffy white but it pained a lot. Its not turing black. How long will it take? Can I continue doing that. Please give your comments


this WORKS! i had mine burned off and used every product out there and nothing worked. finally i used apple cider vinegar for 2 days and it came off! it's healed normally now and it's gone. seriously, everyone needs to know how easy this is.


hello all, i had warts wide spread in 8 of my fingers around the nail, after 5 days, 2 of them started turning black. so should i stop keeping acv in them or leave as it is? please suggest. how long will it take for that black to go and get new skin. those who have experienced please tell.


I had chest 6 since a year ago. Acv'd the suckers and they died :| I leave it on all night and day and chang the medical tape + acv cotton piece every night. They really soften up and get soggyish becuase no air and I just dip a q-tip into acv and loosen up the dead soggy stuff and wipe it off. (If u have a lot in one space I think you gotta suffocate them to prevent them from thriving off each others juices or whatever). After removing the soggy greyish dead skin, if it leaves a 'crater' which is red and not TOO deep but fairly deep then the warts gone. I still applied acv with tape tonight, gunna let them die out for sure and take it off in the morning and hydrogen peroxide + polysporin the craters and normal acv thr ones that still are warty. I also use salyic acid stuff just to keep the surrounding skin clean. The ones that don't leave a crater are still alive so you gotta keep doing it I think.

I know it's emotionally and physically painful sucks thinking 'what if they never go away' and u can get very depressed and angry. But just keep ur head up and if it's a painful procedure for you (like me) just toughen up princess :) ...if anyone got questions or want support or anything email me at :)


I've tried this in the past and had good results with it. For whatever reason you can't find a lot of information about genetal warts out there, but this worked for that. It is embarassing and not something that is easily discussed. This treatment worked, some came off quicker than others and some hurt while others didn't.

I always wonder why over the counter stuff says not to use with genetal warts and I can only assume it is because that is more sensitive, but I have never tried it. I took a Q tip and pulled the cotton off, poored some ACV into the cap and let the cotton soak up some ACV. I put it on the wart, adjusting the size of the cotton for smaller warts by snipping the cotton in half with scissors, and then put a bandaid on it.

Sometimes during the day it would sting, but I had a wart froze off my hand as a kid and that hurt as well, so I figure this is in house and a little pain is good for you anyway! I reapplied the treatment before bed, sometimes being more generous with the ACV, only once or twice did it hurt to the point of not being able to sleep.

I would apply this for a week or so and then let it air out and heal up. The wart generally came off by itself. Being genetal warts they are in a warm damp environment due to underwear (make whatever jokes you want) so it is not always easy to let them air out.

I do not recommend picking at warts, as it can be VERY painful and cause them to spread.

This method worked for me, I suppose individual results may vary. I have a wart on my finger and plan on trying it. I remember using the compound W as a kid and it never seemed to work, I guess for some it does or they wouldn't be around still, but for me it didn't.

Good luck and if using this for genetal warts, they can come back, be sure to talk to your partner about this. It is not an easy thing to bring up, but really should be discussed! Be safe after wart removal using a condom to prevent spreading/contracting new warts.

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