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Here's is the best remover yet. Apply a bit of Apple cider Vinegar to the wart with a Q-tip and then cover it with a Band-aid every night and in 1 to 2 weeks it will be gone. I tried it and it workes better than anything out there.

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well it seems by reading through all of this that if you try this you will either have to endure the pain or give up, as for me i am trying it on my wart on my thumb which is between the knuckles. i have covered it in duct tape and that did absolutely nothing. so i tried apple cider vinegar and it is day 3 and today's pain was absolutely excruciating. just tremendous pain shooting up my arm, lol its amazing what a stupid wart can do. so on day 2 i scraped off the top layer with a knife and tonight i sliced thin layers off the top with a razor and when i look at it, it looks really weird/scary. so i have it wrapped currently and i am going to stick with it. thanks to all for the suggestions on here


I've had a wart on my finger below my pinky for over a year. I tried many natural remedies including tea tree oil but nothing worked. I refused to go to the doctor. I finally discovered ACV. The first 2 days I noticed nothing, then on the third day it started to hurt and turn dark. Today is the 4th day and it still hurts and is getting darker. I'm glad it hurts so at least I know it is working.
The reason ACV works is because it is antifungal and warts are a fungus.


This definately works!! I suffered from many warts on my toes and a big one on my thumb. I went to the doctor and had them burnt and frozen off which were EXTREmELY painful and they came back worse. I tried the store freeze off things and they didnt work either. In desperation I went to the internet and found the apple cider vinegar remedy so gave it a try. It was pretty painful- i woke up a few nights and took the bandages off, but kept up with it for about a week.within another week they were all gone! I was amazed and so happy!



I am typing this at 1 am.
I just woke up screaming in pain.
I have warts on every finger in the nail region and i have used this method to try cure them. It may or may not work but it has caused me severe pain... I suggest that people take extra precautions when applying this method. And a word of warning should be included.


Dylan G

I have tried this because i was desperate. I went to the doctor about a year ago and had a monster of a wart taken off. It was very painful yet it came back with others and on BOTH HANDS!! I tried vinegar and after about three nights of treatment it turned black. I let it ride along about a couple days and just picked it right off. You only treat them before going to sleep, and take off the wrap after waking up. DONT LEAVE IT ON ALL DAY! That is a common misconception that people have. THANKS WHO EVER CAME UP WITH THIS REMEDY!! :)

Dylan G

I forgot a tid bit of info for everyone. If the wart is black STOP treating it. It will fall out on its own after turning black.


Apple cider vinegar worked well for my teen boy who had 4 warts on his hands.
I just applied ACV with cotton and covered it tightly with plaster for 5 consecutive nights and voila!!! the warts are GONE!!!!
Many many thanks for this website and the writer who has saved my rupees.. ACV costs only 99 rs and the doc suggested cryogenics costing 1500 rs treatment!!
Thanks once again for sharing this!!!
May you live long and be content all times!!!


I've been reading the remedies that remove warts. I'm wondering if these remedies got rid of the warts, or if they are pass-along remedies. My son had a small wart on his nuckel near his first finger. I took him to the doctors, she prayed the frozen ice stuff on it. Not covering up the rest of his hand, she spread the wart!! I was furious! It started out the size of a pencil eraser. The next day it was the size of a nickel and almost as high as a marble, full of liquid! He popped it and after it dried out it was HUGE! We tried everything!! At the end of the year we went to Cali, before going home my son wanted to play in the freezing ocean for a half an hour. The ocean turned it pure white! It started flaking (but still wet from the ocean) Less than a week later it was gone! We tried for a year to get that thing off. Now he has a scar the size of a pencil eraser. But no wart! Good luck folks.


Wow! I was very skeptical about the whole ACV treatment, but after trying to freeze off the wart on my thumb at the doctors, it still returned and I was pissed off! Ive been applying the whole ACV cotton ball wrapped with duct tape and it seems to hae done the trick. After one night the wart seemed to be turning blackish and i just kept re applying the ACV treatment every night for about 4 nights. I just got done removing the wart completely, leaving like a tiny chunk of my skin gone, and the area where the wart used to be is red. I read somewhere that I should keep using the ACV treatment just so i can kill the root of the wart, so I'm continuing this process until it is completely gone. I am so happy that I found this home remedy seeing as how I am an 18 year old kid who loves to have his hands all over the ladies ;) I would always be insecure with the wart on my thumb but things are looking up bc I pretty much just picked it off 20 minutes ago and re-applied the ACV to kill the roots.

thank you so much I cant wait for it to heal and be completely over with!


I have had 8 planters warts on the bottom of my foot for over 10 years; I decided to try and remove them 2 years ago. I tried several OTC products to burn off the warts with much pain and no result.

I then went to see the doctor to have them burned off; again, twice with MUCH pain and no result. I also tried a prescription liquid with duct tape which was annoying because the tape always fell off constantly and the warts turned white, and not black. Weird.

I gave up for a year then searched at home remedies and tried the apple cider vinegar method with hesitation. I leave the cotton ball on all night at take it off in the morning. To my surprise, it turned black the first night.

I am going on one week and used a pumice stone today to take off a layer of dead skin. Tonight, I put on the cotton balls and one wart in particular burned horribly! I took the cotton ball off and wiped it with a wash cloth debating on whether or not to put it on again or give it a days rest. I decided that no pain, no gain. I put a new ball on and it burned heavily for about 5 minutes, then subsided. Whew! :)

The warts are getting more black and I truly believe if I use the pumice stone every day in the shower it will help speed the process. I think it burned tonight because the wart is getting very close to be exposed, so burning must be good?

Either way, this is the fastest results I have with any wart removal method and cannot recommend it enough. If it starts to burn, it will go away. Just breath and relax, while reminding yourself that it really doesn't burn! LOL! It worked for me!

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