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Here's is the best remover yet. Apply a bit of Apple cider Vinegar to the wart with a Q-tip and then cover it with a Band-aid every night and in 1 to 2 weeks it will be gone. I tried it and it workes better than anything out there.

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i have some warts on the cutical parts of my finger nails. i tried everything from cutting them (which i thought would of worked since they bleed for about 5 mins after being cut) but they just grow back. i used the freezeaway stuff and nothing. then i used like a gallon of wart compound remover. which i also thought was going to work because the warts burned like crazy and turned black and i ripped them out. but they grew back!! then i started to wear duct tape on my fingers for about 3 weeks. the warts never went away but it did look like the duct tape stopped them from growing. i was going to just continue to wear the duct tape till they fell off but after reading all this talk about the apple cider vinegar i drove my lazy ass to the food store. picked up a small bottle of heinz apple cider vinegar. (figured the more expensive the vinegar the better) - it was only $2.99 compared to the generic brand which was $1.99. before going to bed i washed my hands in warm water then dryed them. poured a little of the god awful smelling vinegar into a cup. took a paper towel and damped it into the cup. took the towel and rubbed each finger where the warts were with it, made sure it soaked onto the fingers. i let the vinegar dry, then taped the warts with duct tape. (i did not leave a piece of paper towel on the finger like some people have done) there was no real burning the first night. i figured this wasn't going to work. the next night repeated the process. on the third night to my surprise i was repeating the process and removing the duct tape to clean my hands and 90% of the warts were black. one even fell out leaving a gooey hole. the warts that didn't turn black i made sure that i got it soaked in the vinegar real good. after a week of doing this they were all gone. f*ck the doctors and there ways of getting money for methods that don't work. a roll of duct tape and a bottle of apple cider vinegar is all you need. thanks.


This works. I had it for years on my foot and it had infected my fingers. Doctors, waste of time, money and a lot of pain.

For the person who said they were dumb to listen to this home remedy, you have to stick out the treatment! Some people are saying here - after a few days they were better, its not that easy. It took me 2 months and yes a lot of pain, just deal with it, its worth it. You gave up too soon. Its normal also for it spread temporarly, it did that on my fingers but i just kept dipping it every day and it finally gave up an died

By the way, dipping the infected area worked best for me. The virus can't deal with the vinegar, it may fight for a bit but eventually dies.


Background: A wart appeared on my wrist in 2005, or more accurately I first noticed it then. It could well have been there for a while, but hidden under my watch, as it wasn't painful, or terribly large. In 2007, another appeared on my ring finger. I still didn't realize either were warts until a significant other told me it could be that. So I went to the doctor and without a second thought, he just froze it off. No attempt to treat the root cause, just attacked the symptom. At the time I knew nothing about warts, but I was satisfied that they were gone... except they weren't. One was but the other was only partially damaged and grew back. Then another grew on my thumb, another where my hand meets my wrist, and then two more on the ring finger. None were particularly noticeable to those not knowing to look, but it bothered me a bit more. Then something interesting happened. Two smaller ones appeared near the site of the first frozen wart. In the subsequent months, I'd occasionally see a new small one appear, but never another big one. The only plausible reason is that my immune system decided from the appearance of several warts that it would start fighting, and thus no new larger warts could form. Well even so, I was still troubled by the occasional appearance of new pin-head sized warts, and eventually I started to really fret. I finally had the bigger ones frozen off and it seemed successful (but then it did before too). I then came across apple cider vinegar as a remedy for warts. It was cheap and the sheer volume of success stories was enough to get me to try it.

The Treatment:

I began with one of the small warts on the back of my hand. I soaked a cotton ball in ACV and used medical tape to hold it on. No pain at all the first night, and that morning it was indeed dark brown. Success! I applied another cotton ball the next night to another small wart also on the back of my hand. I did both for a couple nights and by the 4th day, both were dark with a white circle surrounding. This is where things got troublesome. I began to see white dots, and then black ones appear around the first wart I started treating, in other words, acting like they were warts. What the hell?! They were clearly smaller than the one I was treating but there were maybe 2 dozen. As of today, a couple have scabbed completely and fallen out, leaving the crater many have described. I need to know the following things:

1) Is the crater an open wound? HPV can only cause a wart through an open wound, and I am concerned that if the scab falls out, or accidentally rubs out, it's at risk. I think the whole notion of reinfection is illogical anyway. If warts are a virus, shouldn't it be like a cold where you can't reinfect yourself. You either have it, or you get over it.

2) In the 3 years that I've had any wart or warts on my hand/wrist area, they've never appeared anywhere else. Is this because of seroconversion preventing spread? Please let me know.

3) Because I got sick of managing two separate areas, I stopped treatment of one of the warts after 4 days. It's black now. Will it eventually fall out as well, just take longer?


ACV will remove your warts. I had a wart pop up out of no-where. I remember having a few when I was a kid, but back then I didn't really pay attention to what that meant. The virus that causes warts can remain in your body for years and cause warts to crop up now and again. ACV works to remove the wart, but not the virus! Just be aware of that when trying this remedy.

For me, I applied the Braggs brand ACV on my wart with a cotton ball for 2 hours a day. I know a lot of the remedies call for a bandage and leaving the cotton ball in place for 12 hours at a time, but due to the location of the wart, that was not an option for me. The bandage just wont stay on. After 1 day my wart turned a bright white in color. After day 2 it turned grey on the outside and black in the middle. On day 3, part of it started to fall off and had scabbed over. On day 4 I couldn't tell if it was gone or not because the whole area had scabbed over. It is now day 6. I've stopped applying the ACV and have started applying Triple Antibiotic to the area. It caused a lot of swelling and has dried out the skin surrounding the area, but it has worked. The scab has come off and there is no wart there. Now I just need to keep the area clean, and hopefully it wont scar!


I have three medium sized warts on my thumb, about ten on my toes and four of five plantar warts. I've had the plantar ones and some of the ones on my toes for over three years now, I tried every wart remover on the market but with no success. Yesterday I found this site, so I soaked some cotton wool in apple cider vinegar and used duct tape to secure it. I only kept it on for about six hours, but two of my hand warts and one on my toes have already turned black. The bigger warts are throbbing abit and my room stinks of vinegar, but it is completely worth it to finally be rid of these warts.


I just used the ACV method to get rid of a wart that I've had for years. Recently, I had tried a few different methods (salicylic acid, duct tape) with very little change. With ACV, the wart was totally gone within 36 hours.

My only warning is- definitely do something to protect the surrounding skin! Cover it with Vaseline or bandages or something. I didn't, and now (a week after the wart disappeared) I'm still waiting for the surrounding skin to heal. Not a pretty sight.


It is working! I am on day 8 of using the acv on my plantar warts located on the bottem of my foot. The first two days the skin was just turning white, than after day 3 the black dots started to appear. I filed down as much as I could each day. Day 3,4,5 were very painful, ibuprohin worked on the pain. Today I was able to get the root out of one. I am very squimish and was afraid to poke or scrape it out. Mind did not 'fall' out I had to use a tweezers and get it. I have a big hole there and reapplied cotten with acv and taped it stung for a bit. Nothing like the initial pain where it felt like some one was sticking a knife in my foot. I have two left that are black and am excited to see them gone. I have had these for over ten years and tried everything. I went at the acv very aggressivly. All day and all night i would have the cotten with acv on. yes I was walking on the side of my foot for a few days. I soaked a small piece of cotten in the acv put it on th area and taped it with 3m tape. I used a lot of tape so it would stay in! I would change it once in the morning an once at nite. A few times during the day I would open the tape and pour acv on the cotten (using a eye dropper). I am seeing incredible results!





I'm using ACV right now for a wart that I've had for many years on the TIP of my middle finger. Worse yet, it's gotten so big that it's started to affect my nail. I had always thought that it was just a patch of dry skin there, kinda flakey, until it hit me one night( its a wart).

Anyways, this is the second time I've tried this since I quit the first time since it was SO PAINFUL!! Since the wart is on the tip of my finger (periungal), where it's highly innervated, it REALLY BURNS!! Now, I'm a 32 year old man who can take serious pain, but it was unbearable the first time. So this time I'm armed w/ pain killers (percocet). It's going good so far. I'm at the brown stage. I figure 5 more days should do it cuz that's all the meds I got. Will update you guys later.


I've just started this treatment. I've burned/froze a decent sized wart off of my forearm a few times and it keeps coming back within a couples weeks. I've been dealing with this one for about 3 years now. Hopefully this works - I will let you know how it goes in a week or two.

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