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Here's is the best remover yet. Apply a bit of Apple cider Vinegar to the wart with a Q-tip and then cover it with a Band-aid every night and in 1 to 2 weeks it will be gone. I tried it and it workes better than anything out there.

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PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE believe this remedy. No one was a bigger skeptic than me, but it works. I have been taking my 15 yr old daughter to the doctor for OVER a year for her warts.Nothing has worked and I spent a lot of money. The warts always came back faster and my daughter was always embarrassed. I read this and followed the instructions. Everything it said happened. It was very painful after 3 days, it would swell and look bigger when we took the ACV off, but then it would dry up. Then it turned dark BLACK, but we stuck with it. It also burned when the ACV was on there over night. I gave her some pain reliever to help with the pain. We did this for 4 days. I promise you, the wart (large) turned completely black and then fell off. That was two weeks and it has not come back. After doctor appointments her warts would never budge but this works. Please try it if your child is suffering from embarrassing warts. I am a believer and I will not give any more of my money to doctors to remove warts. Thank you for helping us you have given my daughter back her self esteem.


I just wanted to thank this forum. My wife had verrucas for about a month. The doctor ruled out any therapy for it that would guarantee result.

We tried apple cider vinegar - by applying on a cotton and taping in by a plaster during nights.
At first the core of the area turned black (blood vessels) and there was a mild irritation.
Slowly after about 4 weeks we could see results and the verrucas cleared a bit.

Upon consulting the doctor they shaved the hard part and told us to apply duct tape.

We used duck-tape in the daytime and vinegar at night. The verrucas never grew back.


Addition to my previous comment - I think that the reason why Cider vinegar worked was because it is a mild irritant and caused the body immune systems to realise that there is an infection.


Hi , Wow the Aapple cider vinegar killed a wart on my finger within a week , however , after a month of using it on foot , even though the verruca / plantar wart keeps turning black and I keep clearing the dead skin , it is still there


I'm a freshmen in high school and for years I've been dealing with gross, embarrassing warts on my hands and fingers. The past few years, I've been going to different doctors trying to get rid of them. I tried EVERYTHING: freezing (many times), burning, lasers, lactic acid, duct tape, Aldara, medicines, EVERYTHING. These visits were sometimes very costly, and VERY painful. The last visit, they could only take me New Years Eve, and I spent over an hour getting everything done to them. They had to numb my hands, even, and instead of going to a party that night, I sat in my room and tried not to cry. It was that painful. Some treatments hurt so badly I was woken up in the middle of the night by pain.
At the start of this school year, they were getting so big and I had to cover them with Bandaids. People noticed I had bandaids in the same places on my hands for the entire year and I got a lot of comments about them. So whether my warts were visible or not, I was getting made fun of!
Finally, I decided to try apple cider vinegar, figuring I might as well try it.
It didn't hurt AT ALL. Zero pain! In a few days, my warts simply began to go away. There was no blistering, pain, or blood. They just seemed to get smaller and smaller then disappear.
I'm so happy now, I'm not afraid to show my hands. It's so great not to have to spend so much money on bandaids, and I can just go to school normally! I used to bring hand sanitizer with me everywhere, because if I had to wash my hands, bandaids would fall off.
Now they're soft and clean and wart-free.

This is the greatest solution ever.
Don't spend hundreds of dollars on treatments that don't work.

Thank you!!!

Mike Jones

Wow is all i have to say! I had a nice size wart on my ankle for as long as i can remember when i was in my teens the doctor told me to leave it alone, well a couple years later when i was around 18 i started to notice one on my left hand by my thumb, i went to the doctor again and she told me to use over the counter wart remover or they can freese it off for a cost, well i used the over the counter and it just got bigger, i left it alone and about a year later another one poped up, this time i tried doctor schols freeze away 3 times and nothing now about another year later they started to pop up on me elbow, well needless to say i bumped into this site and others stating apple cider vinegar works, well i tried it and almost every single one is gone the one that i had first on my ankle and on my thumg was the hardest to get rid of. I also found if you cut away the dead skin and re-aply the cider works faster, alwways cut away that dead white looking skin even if it hurts, if it starts bleeding just apply the cider, it will burn but trust me that means its working. It will eventually turn black and come off.


I'm less than 48 hours into this treatment and am amazed and horrified at the same time of the results, but I think my wart is going away. I'm amazed at how fast it's working, and I'm horrified by how gross it is and how much it hurts. But if in the end it really does work, it will be worth it.

I've had a wart on my thumb below my cuticle right in the corner where my nail is. It took me about 3 months before I even realized it was a wart; I thought it was just a dry patch of skin, then it started to swell a bit. I tried applying tea tree oil to it several times a day but that did nothing.

The wart grew up around the side of my finger to form a 'j' shape...I think because my nail bed got in the way it couldn't grow round like a normal wart.

What I have now after almost 48 consecutive hours of ACV cotton secured by duct tape is a J-shaped black canyon in my thumb. I'm not sure how much longer I need to continue the treatment, but everything I've read says it takes a week for the 'wart to be gone' which I assume includes the black mess that is left behind. It is excruciatingly painful when I apply a new piece of cotton soaked in ACV...i mean it throbs, stings, and feels like pain is shooting up my arms. That lasts for about an hour and then after 3-4 hours it doesn't really hurt. Until I apply a new round, of course. But, I am hanging in there because it really is making the skin change which makes me feel it is working. I'm concerned about all the black tissue because it's really disgusting. I hope it clears up and goes away.


I had a wart on my finger for nearly a year. I soaked a little piece of cotton in ACV and put a bank-aid over for a few nights and it ate the wart away within a few days. It has been six months and the wart has not returned. It did get very painful at times, but it was worth it. I had tried over-the-counter wart removal products several times with no success. The AVC was really amazing.


Follow-up to the above post (JJ).

It's been two weeks since I started this process, and the black scabby thing finally came completely off. At one point I did have my physician look at my finger because I was so worried about how bad it looked and how much it hurt. She gave me an antibiotic, but I did not take it. She wanted to prevent infection, but I'm funny about antibiotics.

Being that my wart was right below my nail bed of my thumb, I think I should have tried other treatments before resorting to ACV. If your wart is in a sensitive place like on your fingertip, try something else first. The ACV treatments were by far the most excruciatingly painful experience I've had, including childbirth (at least that only lasted a few hours....I endured this treatment for five days before finally giving up).

Yes, I think the treatment worked....there is a deep gouge in my finger that will probably take at least another month or more before it looks normal again.

I have heard that ingesting small amounts of grapefruit seed extract (GSE) fights off warts from the inside out. I wish I had tried that first.

If you do prepared for a lot of pain and for the wart and area around it to get really, really ugly. I definitely recommend trying other methods first.


THANK YOU for this excellent suggestion, which worked in one week's time.

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