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Here's is the best remover yet. Apply a bit of Apple cider Vinegar to the wart with a Q-tip and then cover it with a Band-aid every night and in 1 to 2 weeks it will be gone. I tried it and it workes better than anything out there.

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I have 4 warts on my fingers for over 3 years and for 1 1/2 years have been going to a dermatologist to have them frozen off and I have spent about $400 in co payments. I got fed up a went on line and found this. I have been using the Apple Cider Vinegar at night for 1 week now and while it was painful the first 4 nights and I did wake me up from sleep because my wart was throbbing, I have noticed them sinking in and they are turning black. I asked my DR about using ACV 1 week ago at my last appt when I was telling her I didn't feel my treatment was getting me anywhere. She said, I will not deny, many patients have told her they used this method and it worked. She said go ahead a do it and come back in 4 weeks and if it works on you I will tell you why it did. She said to use duct tape too. I recommend trying it. It is the best potential I have seen in the past 1 1/2 year of them actully going away. I will follow up again on line in a few week or 2 to see if they are gone.


This works. Plantar on my heel, there for years! Used ACV for 2.5 days. I went to change the bandaid and a big chunk of it just fell off. I would definitely recommend this.


i've tried everything (freezing, laser, home remedies, etc.) and the warts have gone away sometimes, but then came back with more. I've had these worts for a few years. Right now I'm trying ACV, and around the warts it is turning white, and there is no sign of black. has this happened to anybody?


Apple cider vinegar really does work. I battled against a wart on my finger for more than a year, and tried freezing it off as well as using silica gel. My wart just kept growing the more I treated it. Eventually I read about cider vinegar, and began at first by placing a small piece of cotton wool that I'd soaked in the vinegar onto the wart, and securing it with a plaster / bandaid. I would change it at night and in the morning without a break. I have to say that I don't think this was the best approach. The wart got very soggy and extremely painful. When I began to air the wart however, it turned practically black and very hard. I think the key to this is leaving the wart to go hard, and fall off naturally. However, I was foolish, and couldn't resist picking it. The wart of course came back, but a bit smaller. So I tried it again. This time I applied the vinegar only at night, and aired the wart in the day. After about 7 days of repeating this, the wart scabbed up, and I let nature take it's course. The scab fell off on it's own within about 2 weeks, and the wart hasn't returned. I have also treated 4 other small pin-head warts that appeared on the same hand with the same treatment. I cannot recommend it enough for a quick, cheap, easy remedy.


I have been doing this treatment for about 4 days now, yes the wart is black now but does anyone knows how much longer do i have to keep doing this? or should i just pull the scab out? and yeah for the people out there yes this method does work or so far so good.


Wanted to post because the advice here helped me get rid of a stubborn wart on my knee. I had tried freezing with an at-home kit 5 times and it seemed to have no effects. I soaked a small piece of cotton ball in ACV, placed it directly on the wart, and covered with a bandaid overnight. In the morning, I noticed that the wart was beginning to turn black. I did it again a second time and it darkened even more. The next day, it had flattened and hardened to a black-scab looking area. This morning, the edge of the scab was lifting and I removed the entire scab. It has left behind a 'crater' which I have now applied Polysporin to and covered with a band-aid. Not sure what the cosmetic results will be but I am very satisfied thus far- especially since freezing had no effect whatsoever! Definately worth a try for a stubborn wart.


ACV worked for me too. I have had a wart at the end of my thumb for 12 years. It was the kind that is only slightly protruded (and is deeply imbedded) just behind the point where the fingernail and skin separate. It was never that noticeable, but it bugged me. I've tried everything to remove it - laser shots (very painful and very, very expensive), freezing, Wart & Mole Vanish (which was painful and almost seemed to work but never did), old fashioned burning and digging, etc. - all to no avail. I started soaking the wart every night of 15 mins in 3 parts ACV, 1 part water (slightly heated) three weeks ago and, about every third day, I soaked a small dab of cotton with ACV and wrapped it under a bandage on top of the wart for several hours. Today, I am looking at a wart-free thumb. The only trace is a dark pinpoint coming to the top, which I believe is the dead, shriveled up core of wart. This skin is smooth all around(no more cauliflower surface) and looks great.


i read about how apple cider vinegar would remove warts, and i was skeptical, but i decided to try it. im so glad i did! i did what everyone else did, soaked a piece of cotton in the vinegar, and then taped it over the wart with a bandaid. after three days, all there was was a scab, and later nothing!
i would recommend it to anyone. its painfree and so easy!


This works, i'm not even lying. I wasn't sure this was going to do anything, so to test it, i tried it on the wart on my finger, that was gone within a week. I usually take a cotton ball, but i have been using a folded up paper towel a lot, soaked in it, and ring it out a little, then duct tape. Now i'm working on my big problem, my right foot. My foot is covered in warts, its horrible, the heel and ball of my foot are coverd and i have two on the back of my foot. So, i'm going for it. Currently i'm working on one area at a time, right now while writing this i have it on the ball of my foot :]


The apple cider vinegar cure for warts is unbelievable. I can't believe that someone doesn't market an apple cider vinegar wart removal kit because it works a lot better than the over the ounter wart removal medicines out there. I soakd mine with a small piece of cotton and band-aid for two nights and it turned black. I scrubbed off the black part with a pumice stone and now I have a small hole where the wart used to be. I won't know for if is gone for a couple of weeks, but something definetly happened. It does hurt rather badly though when the vinegar is on it.

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