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Here's is the best remover yet. Apply a bit of Apple cider Vinegar to the wart with a Q-tip and then cover it with a Band-aid every night and in 1 to 2 weeks it will be gone. I tried it and it workes better than anything out there.

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WOW! THIS REALLY WORKS.I had my first wart right after giving birth to my son.They calledit a pregnancy wart.They shaved it off and two weeks later it was back.The MD said I needed to see a dermatoligist for propre remove. sounds expensive. I looked online and tried this. first day my wart flattened. IT BURNS LIKE FIRE BUT THIS WORKS.THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE INFO


I had a small wart pop up on my finger literally yesterday. Last night I put a little piece of cotton soaked in apple cider vinegar directly on it and covered with a band-aid. I left it there for about 5 hours. When I removed the band-aid, the wart had already gotten smaller and felt really rough to the touch. When I woke up this morning, the wart was gone other than a flat rough circle where it was. I love apple cider vinegar! The only hint that I have to give is to use the smallest piece of cotton possible to cover the wart. Mine was a little bigger than the wart itself and made the skin around it feel dry. Definitely worth it though. P.S. Apple cider vinegar also works great for least for me. Try googling it to read more about what apple cider vinegar can be used for. You'd be surprised!


Tried this last night... I started by scraping the dead skin off the bottom of my foot until the 2 warts on it just barely started to bleed. Then i put a big cotton pad soaked in the ACV on it and used about 5 million bandaids to hold it there. It stung a little at 1st, because i had scraped my foot until the warts bled a little, but the sting went away after a few seconds. Went to bed. About 3 AM woke up and my whole heel was throbbing in PAINNNN! But i'm a tough cookie (plus i was too tired to get up and do something about the pain) so i just left it there, hoping it was doing its job. Well this morning i took the bandaid off and my whole heel is white and puffy with 2 black dots where the warts are. OWWWWW! i got duct tape on it now, but i have had these warts for YEARS and i feel i should try it again for a few days and just TAKE THE PAIN! maybe ill try it with smaller bandaids and cotton balls that only cover the warts instead of my whole heel...


I have two flat and painful warts on my two pointer fingers for years. I am now on my 1st week of the ACV treatment and have the black area on both. I will continue the treatment!
WARNING!!!! DO NOT USE WATERPROOF TAPE WITH THE APPLE CIDER VINAGER!!!! There must have been a reaction to the two because I blistered up terribly where the tape and ACV came into contact. BTW.... warts are gross!!! ;)


I have struggled with plantar warts on my left foot for almost 15 years. I have had them frozen and lasered more times than I can count with little to no success. One wart on the side of my foot, which was about the size of a dime, was particularly stubborn. I had it lasered twice and it grew back larger both times. I let it go for about 7 years, hoping it would go away, but it just grew another right next to it instead. I was about to go through the pain again when I came across this website. I decided to give the apple cider vinegar a try, since I'd tried everything else. It has taken over a month, but the newer wart is now completely gone and the old wart is ALMOST gone. I can't believe that I've had these ugly things on the side of my foot for so long and all I needed was vinegar! I am so excited to not be embarrassed to get a pedicure or wear flip flops! Thank you for posting this information!


Very cheap effective treatment, highly recommmend much better than over the counter products!


apple vinegar may be a gud remady for warts but it vil burn ur skin if u dont use it carfuly .from my experience i can say plz dailute it before apply and dont use again if u feel any irretation. ( i got burn in my face by the direct use of apple vinegar )


Okay. I have two plantar warts on my heel and one incredibly painful (BEFORE we even start treatment!) wart growing under my thumbnail. I've had all of them for about 10 years. Tried chemist stuff, tried freezing off, tried banana peel, tried propolis, tried gaffa tape...

So a month ago I stumbled across this page. I thought I'll go the least painful-sounding options first. I decided to treat all 3 warts at once. So I started with the 'clear nail polish' option. Tried it for 2-3 weeks. Made absolutely no difference to any of my warts. Assume this method must be for 'newish, smaller' warts than mine...

Then I decided to do use a scalpel to scrape the warts daily and then soak my heel and thumb in ACV for 30-40mins of an evening and then tape up with bandaids/gaffa. This put some of the 'black' hole sorta things in the warts but not much else. Did that for several weeks. It hurt during the soak and was a bit tender. I got quickly bored with having no heel (limping) and no thumb (can't use my hand) at the same time.

So now, after a 4 week break, when my thumb wart has decided to grow a new one next to the one I havent yet been able to remove, I'm back on the mission.

ONLY focussing on thumb for now. Will do the other heel warts after I sort thumb. So now i'm doing the small piece of cottonpad (makeup remover) soaked in ACV and placed on the thumb wart, secured with a few million bandaids. It stays on overnight - it throbs a lot (the previous method didnt). I take it off for a few hours in the morning, letting the wart dry out, it's again developed the two dark/black dots/cores and i use the scalpel to scrape and rough it up once it's dry. Then I put a new ACV-soaked pad and bandaid on and wear that all day, until evening when I take it off for a few hours, let the wart dry, rough it up, slice off what i can (without it hurting too much), and then again re-dress it for the night of throbbing. THIS METHOD seems and feels much more like it is working. It does hurt more, but really, who cares. I'll give an update once i'm through it.

PS I've been interested to read the others who had warts under their nails bc I was worried about ruining the nailbed with ACV but it seems that the ACV isnt interested in harming healthy skin too much.


It can throb a little but I found this to be a sign of sucess


I had a few warts pop up on my fingers and under my nail bed. I went to the Dr. And he opt to cut it out. Keep in mind even with inc it cost me 300.00 us dollars and 3 months later it was back an was triple the size. I got flustered so saw where ACV would work. I will say it was painful not as bad as my surgery. It took longer than the two weeks. It took 4 weeks of soaking in organic acv for 20 min and cosmetic pad cut to size for 6 hrs a night. Also i took zinc and cell power. That was 2 years ago an no more warts

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