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Here's is the best remover yet. Apply a bit of Apple cider Vinegar to the wart with a Q-tip and then cover it with a Band-aid every night and in 1 to 2 weeks it will be gone. I tried it and it workes better than anything out there.

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I had a wart on my right index finger for a year, I then decided to try apple cider veinegar, it hurt really badly and required constant consumption of pain killers. All that ended up happening was it damaged my skin and the wart remained. I gave it another chance and the same story.

Then after the wart spread to another 2 fingers, I tried duofilm which only caused similar pain and did not work. It was also super embarrasing to have to wear bandaids everyday!

One day I decided to just try the banana peel cure for my finger warts and OMG it was a miracle. My skin started turning black and dry. This case was similar to both duofilm and ACV, however, when i peel the skin this time, CLEAN SKIN was underneath and I could tell which was the wart and clean skin! it was a miracle! Another week of the banana peel and 2 of my warts are died pretty much and I can go bandaidless in 2 fingers. 1 larger warts still remains but it is showing a lot of progress!

If nothing else works and you havent tried the banana peel, definately do try it!!

What you do is take a green banana, take the peel and slice off some skin from the peel. THen either take the peel and rub it into your wart for 30 seconds or simply tape the peel onto the wart, leave overnight and remove when the banana skin turns black.So happy I found this cure!


Yes, ACV is THE answer! I've tried Dr. Scholls acid pads and freezing remedy. Freezing was completely ineffective, and the acid just made a big hole and a mess. Duct tape had no discernable effect after 6 full weeks of 23.5 hours a day covering the wart. Then I finally tried ACV - it's cheap and we already had some in the fridge. I just took a portion of a cotton ball small enough to fit under my medium-sized band-aid. Got it wet, wrung it out until very damp, then band-aided it on overnight. the next morning, the wart had swollen up with the moisture from the ACV. I took off the bandaid and let it dry all day. By the end of the day, I noticed the wart was already turning black. The next morning, after no more ACV treatment, it was totally black,and you could see it was a few layers of skin down, not on the surface. This told me that the affected cells had died. In a week, that black scab worked it's way out, painlessly and naturally, until it finally just broke off on it's own. After years of having this wart on my index finger... NO MORE! I was shocked how easy it was. Somebody ought to create an over-the-counter product that uses this technique. At least more people will discover it.

Since then I've begun to treat the 4 very deep plantars on my big toe. I just used a bigger bandaid and a bigger cotton ball, two nights of treatment, with drying during the day, and both are turning black in their cores. AMAZING! I expect since they are significantly deeper, it will take longer to push the scab out and heal over, but I am confident they will.

From what I've read here, it seems to me the most reasonable explanation is that the ACV acts as an irritant around the affected cell tissue, activating the body's immune system to attack the vicinity. Apparently the wart virus is normally able to keep from being detected by the immune system. Sounds perfectly reasonable to me!



I should add to my comment...

I read several posts on this topic saying how irritating and painful the ACV is. Maybe if you leave it on for 2-3 days at a time, because it is definitely an irritant. But I maintain that you just need to use enough to activate the immune system, which you will know by when the wart begins to turn black. Then just STOP your application. No need to overkill. Once it's activated, the wart is history, just patiently let it die and work it's way out.

With mine, I never felt more than a very mild burning sensation. But I just took it off in the morning.


I had a really big wart on my foot, a mosaic wart that was about the size of a quarter. I have had it frozen off, acid put on it, then I had the entire thing cut out. NONE of these worked. After it was entirely cut out, the whole thing came back. I felt like I would never get rid of this annoying wart. Then I decided to try putting apple cider vinegar on it. I figured it couldn't hurt. I put it on the area each night for about 1 and a half months. The area got white and puffy, then a little bit at a time got black and flaked off. All of the warts are gone! I am so amazed this worked and I recommend it to anyone who has a wart. Try this before you go to the dermatologist and spend a bunch of money. It WORKS! :)


This is amazing! I had a huge wart on my fingertip but underneath the skin and very painful. Had it for a few months. Derm. refused to cut it out because that would mean losing half of my fingertip. I read this site and tried white vinegar since I didn't have apple cider vinegar and wanted to get started right away. I soaked small piece of cotton, put it on the wart, then put a bandaid on it. It lifted the wart right out of my finger! I'd take off the bandaid in the morning before showering and after shower, I'd file it down until it was nearly even with my fingertip. Then reapply and leave it on until I got off work. It took less than three weeks and the wart is completely gone! I didn't file until I saw blood as some people say; that was not necessary. I'd shout this from the rooftops if I wanted people to know I had a giant wart under my finger, but since I don't, I'll just post it hear and share this with anyone who is battling this unsightly and painful problem. Thank you for all your stories!


So my story goes this way.
After some persistent pain on one of my toes for several days, i decided to actually see what was going on there. I think i saw a little white skin puffs, and thought nothing of it - just some irritation with tight shoe, i thought.

Well, it didnt go away, and later on grew to this cauliflower shaped thing that split in two, or 2 cauliflower thing that grows near each other. Either way, its horrific, and it sticks out of my toe by about a third of an inch. To be honest, I had no idea what it was, cuz it didnt really look like any wart picture on the internet. I thought my meat was turning inside out and growing. Its gross!

Anyway, after thinking that it may be wart, i got the dr. scholls freeze and acid thing. Well, first the freezing - which barely did anything - because the wart was hardened and raised and all that. but what was i gonna do - i was afraid of cutting it - i wasnt sure if i am not cutting meat here.

Then, i put the acid for a week. Nothing. Well, the acid thing that dr scholls has just build on it...and instead of getting smaller, what i got is bigger - because the layers of acid material.

Anyway, i then decided i should put ACV. I covered it the whole night with cotton. I started seeing white skin puffs after several days around the area. The actual wart is as hard as usual. Slowly, daily, i use a needle, and nail cutter and cut away/lift away skin from the area. Take note, all i get is mushy skin that lifts easier....(not easy enough), and no blackened area. Well. After several days of doing this...guess what i saw underneath all this layer i have lifted? The original wart. LOL. Apparently all i did was remove the layers of that acid that came with dr. scholls. Well. Never mind - i didnt give up. I file it, i put acv again, cut the skin that sticks out slowly when i am sure it wont hurt.

Note that the ACV doesnt hurt often. Some days it will jsut be there and I wont feel a thing. A couple of those days though it will hurt bad. But i kept persisting, until the wart was flush against my skin and all i had left was a hardened area. Then i continued treatment until i could lift up that hardened skin again...and guess what, underneath that? more hardened skin.
This was all over a good 3-4 weeks of treatment. i was exhausted, and decided to take a break, and count it as a small victory. At least its a hardened skin that i can't notice, feel, and doesnt look like 2 huge cauliflower. I will continue treatment another day.

Well, another month forward, i saw it scab - and now its normal skin.

Its really impressive. I am not sure if that last stretch was still acv doing or it was just my immune system or the wart decided to finally go away. But i do know that without acv, that first process of getting rid of the cauliflower wouldnt have happened.


Look I don't care what you guys say or think, but i've tried everything on my wart on my hand. I've tried liquid nitrogen, tried cutting it but its too painful, tried freezing and burning it, tried so much. I didn't even think the ACV would work but I tried it for a day. I'm a day into it and it's already black , which it never has been through all the stuff i've done, i haven't felt any pain at all thanks to whoever found this remedy out! It really works and only in 1 day! I'm assuming it will probably come off in 2 days if i keep putting cotton wool with ACV and a bandaid on it.

Hopefully it'll get rid of the nasty little wart that starting growing like 1 mm away from it, gosh i hate warts. They really really bring down my self confidence


We want to use the acv for small warts on face (more than one almost 10 above upper lip and pea size near lower lip. How do we use it meaning should we add water to acv.

We treated with a small wart on neck - apply vaseline around the wart. 4 hours for 2 nights apply acv with lightly soaked cotton in acv, cover with tape.

The wart turned black second day. We left it open and did nothing for 2 days.

It fell off 3rd day while washing face but appear to have very tiny pink skin left at the place where there was wart.

Because of the pink skin reluctant to use on the other places. Can someone tell how to do this on face


I had 2 plantar warts for 3 years. Tried tons of stuff...nothing worked. Figured, I have nothing to lose, so I gave ACV a try. Less than a week later my warts were virtually gone! Amazing. Still treating to be sure they don't come back, but I am one happy camper.

The first two days it HURT as the wart reacted with the vinegar. After that, no problem! Worth a day or 2 or discomfort to be rid of those things!


Okay I've had a plantar wart on the bottom of my foot for a few months *I had no idea what it was until I watched dance mom's and found out one of the girls had plantar warts.* I went to my dr and he refered me to a podiatrist. I looked up a lot of home remedies, since I'm big on working with holistic medicine before real medicine, and I found the duct tape! I started out with just that and now I'm working with the ACV and duct tape! I can see the top of the ugly little wart turning black in the hole it's leaving in my foot right now. It does hurt and feel like I'm standing on a rock. It stings sometimes but I figured that it's like pouring lemon juice on an open cut it'll sting! So far it looks better and better. I'm still going to see my podiatrist to make sure I'm not damaging anything, since I also used tweezers to pick out the little 'seeds' to relieve the wart. I do suggest others to try it! If it doesn't improve is when you might want to go see a dr or if you can see a dr while you work the the holistic medicine! Either way so far it's really working and I'm seeing the improvements that I'm supposed to see! It's turning black and the dead skin from it is forming which I just used a pumice *sp?* bar to flatten it out more. But other than the stinging and feeling like there's a rock it's really working! I'm SOOO HAPPY! Being someone who is on their feet constantly and having it on the ball of my foot it's a really great method! You just need patience! I did realize though the method does take a little longer depending on the person too!

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