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I am 19 years old and I have had anxiety and panic attacks ever since i was a kid. I remember around the time i was 8 or 9 i would have these thoughts that i was going to die. It eventually went away but as i got older it came back. I remember one day i was in class and felt like i couldn't breathe and like everything was caving in so i walked out to calm myself. It got to the point where my friends would invite me to go out and i wouldn't want to leave the house because i was afraid something would happen to me. I would sometimes even cry to my mom because i would feel like i wasn't a normal kid. I saw a psychiatrist and it did help going to sessions and just talking about it but i did not want to take medication for it. As i got more older i took matters into my own hands and this is how i learned to control it. I started to confront my anxiety i use to tell myself it is YOU who controls your body. It is all in your HEAD. sometimes i would be like ok panic attack if im going to die then do it now.
When i would get a panic attack i would just say here we go again i can get thru this i have done it before. When you get a panic attack try calming yourself down, take deep breathes and tell yourself it is all in my HEAD there is nothing WRONG with me. Think happy thoughts like when you hangout with your friends or go to the park anything. Another remedy i would use and it may sound weird but it really did work for me was going to the bathroom even if i didn't have to go sitting on the toilet and pushing. it really did relax me and help me get thru it. I would also find a funny movie to watch and get my mind off things preferably a comedy. Any tea that can help you relax is good i tried a lot of teas and they do help especially at bed time. I know everyone says this but it really does help EXERCISE, it doesn't have to be hardcore cardio but a good walk in the park breathing fresh air is all you need to get your mind off things especially during your attack.
Everyone has different ways of dealing with it you just have to find your way whether it being vitamins or taking teas or just by taking control of your mind because it really is all in your HEAD. remember you take control of your body and you are the boss. When you have a panic attack just remember it is all in YOUR head you are not going to die take control of yourself. It will be hard but once you learn how to control your anxiety you will be as happy as can be.

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I was looking for self help in dealing with panic attacks and found this site and was drawn to your comment. I've had anxiety attacks since I was in college (I'm 27 now). They only really happened when I was eating in public and weren't anything bad (compared to what I am dealing with now) and they eventually went away. I lost my Mom to ovarian cancer 2.5 years ago and I feel like I'm finally realizing that she's gone. Since the new year I have been thinking something might be wrong with me, so I went to the doctor and got all the pap smear, cancer blood count, and ultra sounds tests that I could. Everything came back fine. But back in July I had an injury on the back of my leg from my dog's leash. I woke up in the middle of the night and was in such pain. I remember thinking that I would need to go to the hospital or doctor in the morning. Then I had a panic attack. Except I didn't know at the time I was having one. All of sudden it felt like a drug had been released from my head. I could feel it going down into my chest. Then I started feeling tingly in my chest and head. My face was clamy and I could barely swallow. I started freaking out thinking I was having an allergic reaction to some medicine or something. I felt like I was dying and that this was the end. So I had my BF call the ambulance to our house. Once they arrived I felt a little better, but while at the hospital I would have waves of it. They tested me and of course nothing was wrong. They gave me an anti-nausea medicine and I went to sleep and woke up fine. I was okay for a while after that, but now that I know that it was a panic attack I live in fear of having one which causes them to come more frequently. In the past month it's gotten worse. I am actually terrified of death now. Someday's I drive to work and am scared that I am going to die along the way. Or that I am going to have a blood clot in my head and die, or that I'm just going to stop breathing. Any little pain or abnormal feeling that I get freaks me out and sends me into a panic attack. Sometimes if I take medicine I will freak myself out that I am going to have a reaction from it and die. I know it sounds silly and I laugh as I write this, but I am so mentally exhausted. It feels like sleep is the only time I get peace. I just want to be normal again. I went to the doctor and she prescribed me xanax. I try not to take it unless I have to. Things that help me are: going to the bathroom (like you said). I'll just sit on the toilet and read a book or play with my phone. Taking a warm bath and reading or watching a show on my laptop, drinking a calming tea, or watching a funny movie. Most of the females in my family have anxiety (my mom's side) and the doctor said it could be hereditary. I just got a new job so I don't get health insurance until November. I want to go to a therapist, b/c this is obviously deeper than medicine can control/ fix.

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