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I've been suffering with severe migraines for two years now and the way I get them is just a pounding sensation, almost feels like dying. I cant hold anything down and I will puke the whole day. My rememdy is just taking excedrin extra strength, feverfew(you could get a GNC), and vitamin b12 all at once, also rubbing peppermint oil to your temples and the back of your neck helps. Just wait like 10min and it works. Its better to take them when you feel it coming. The sooner you get rid of the head ache the better. I hope this helps someone because I know that when I get them I feel like shooting my brains out and feeding it to a zombie.

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That sounds terrible! I think it is important to get to the root of the cause and see what is behind the headaches. I know a few people that have done hair mineral analysis to see what their body might be lacking to improve health. I also know people, and I've tried them myself, who use foot pads to remove toxins that could be causing migraines, like the ones from Whatever you do, take your health into your own hands and do your research.

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