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I have been using tea tree oil to treat a skin & nail fungus for a few days. Last night was the first time I put it on my skin and I slept with it on l night. I am also on two medications for high blood pressure. Today I got dizzy as work and thought my BP was high, so I checked it. It was 105/71. With my meds, it usually stays around 124/ 80. The only thing different I could think of was the tea tree oil. I got on the Internet and could not find any website with comments by people who may have used tea tree oil to treat high BP. Has anyone used this remedy? Some of the websites said that tea tree oil did not help, while a couple of them said it could. I really hope the tea tree oil is effective. I would love to come off of the meds. I tried using CoQ-10 and vinegar before, which helped some, but not enough, so I had to go on the meds.

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try garlic or apple or a tsp cider vinegar in warm water daily. Take ur bp if ur on medication daily

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