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For anyone who has a missing filling or hole in their tooth, this is THE best way to draw out the ifection. Itll cure u in a day! I read allot of these remidies early this morning, compilled my own collective solution. Its 6 pm and i feel 100% better after 3 days of sleepless foodless agoney.

What youll need!
°cotton balls
°salt (preferibly sea salt)
°warm water
°lysterine, vodika, or even poroxcide works as a mouth wash. *But for low low bugget ppls this is optional. Salt water is just as cleansing.*
°asprin,ibprofin, and pain reliver/inflimation reducer. *This too is optionol*

Take 2 bowls, and one cup.*one bowl if u dont want/have pain meds* Fill them all with warm salty salty water. The bowls dont need to be filled much at all, but fill that cup up! Crush ur pain med of choice and mix it in one of the bowls.
Now take two cotton balls, put one in each bowl. Let them get good and soaked. Now clean clean clean ur mouth, ur tooth hole everything. Clean the life out of it. I use lysterine then saltwater from the cup.
Now u can take a sip and rines with the pain medicated salty bowl if u want. Itll help. * warning * do not over use/rinse with this salution, u will throw up! But for now its okay till we get that sever pain down. Take a tine peice of the pain med cotton ball, roll it into a ball and insert it in the hole of ur tooth. Use a tooth pick or something if it helps.
Let that sit there for 30min to hr, or if ur tooth gets better, then starts throbbing again, depending on how swolen n sever ur tooth is. Take out the cotton ball. U can deff smell that damn infection on it XP. Rinse ur mouth again with w/e ur routine is, and repeat! Now if ur pain is sever u can use the pain med up one again, but id try n space it out. Use the plain salt water cotton ball, and insert it again for 30min to hr.
Do this alllll day, and itll slowly but surely draw the infection out.

I rly hope this helps. My heart gos out to anyone going through this! Thank god for this website! Its a life saver

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Bre Jones

Thanks , thanks , thanks, !!!!!! This helped so much . I thought I was going to die last night, and I'm to embarrassed about my teeth to ask for anyones opinions on what to do . This really works , I used the Listerine rinse because it numbs the hell out of your mouth for some relief then I used lortab 7.5 for pain meds . I did this and fell asleep hard . Woke up like nothing ever happened.... I highly recommend this remedy :)

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