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Okay, so I had sex with my boyfriend a lot this past weekend because it was the Fourth of July and we were celebrating a lot. Then all the sudden my lady parts started itching uncontrollably. It kept me up all night. It was so irritating. So I thought maybe it was too much sex, but then after searching the symptoms realized I had a yeast infection. (Probably caused by not changing out of my swimsuit right away) So i mixed up a salt water mixture and soaked a tampon in it. (Use LOTS of salt) it may sting but its worth it, then place the tampon on your vagina. that worked IMMEDIATELY. felt so much better. but it probably wont cute it alone, so I went to Safeway and bought Miconazole Nitrate Vagina Cream (2%) which is used to cure yeast infections. Immediately it started working but it will take up to 7 days to fully clear it up. You can put the cream on the outside of the vagina in the morning, and at night use the applicator and apply it inside and outside, put a towel under you, and don't wear underwear. Do this EVERY night. For a week. Make sure you keep your vagina clean, take a shower every morning. And lay off on the sugar, I've only been drinking water and eating very healthy. No fruit though. Yeast feeds on sugar. I hope this helps because it sure is helping me! Xoxo get better girls!

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You probably do not have a yeast infection. If you have lot of sex, you probably have a mild urinary infection. They're different infections. The plunging effect of intercourse causes bacteria to be pushed up your urethra. And why are you, at 14 years old, having sex. Slow down, girly!


Oops, sorry I got the age of another paying mixed with this comment.

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