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The best thing for your hair? Stop washing it! My best friend does hair and she washes her hair once to twice a week. I know it sounds youcky, especially for me who used to wash my hair nightly. But now I do it every 3 to 4 days. It takes a few days for your head to regulate the oil, but now it is so soft and healty, natrualy. If you use a lot of product like me, just go through the motion of washing your hair, minus the shampoo. Most styling product rinses out with water. I really mean it your hair will thank you!

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Actually your hair gets really oily and disgusting! It also causes more dandruff since you need your hair to stay clean


It's a good idea! if you think youll smell or something you can always shower and use soap, just dont put any shampoo or anything in your hair and it works just as well


home remedies are best in case of beauty for healthy hair i use coconut oil

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