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The best thing for your hair? Stop washing it! My best friend does hair and she washes her hair once to twice a week. I know it sounds youcky, especially for me who used to wash my hair nightly. But now I do it every 3 to 4 days. It takes a few days for your head to regulate the oil, but now it is so soft and healty, natrualy. If you use a lot of product like me, just go through the motion of washing your hair, minus the shampoo. Most styling product rinses out with water. I really mean it your hair will thank you!

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This totally works. I figured that out just recently. I just started to let my hair grow long and whenever I washed it (daily), I looked like a puff ball. So I stopped washing it out of frustration and in a week my hair was softer,layed down more and was more easy to manage. Now I only wash it every 5 or 6 days.


Hello, earth to idiots. This is what's
good for your hair. If you wash it every
day it'll get really dry and you'll get
split ends faster. YOU STILL TAKE SHOWERS.
you just don't wash your hair. You can take
a bath or a shower. If you take a shower
then use leave in conditioner but dont wash.
If you don't wet your hair (take a bath)
then after put some baby powder on your
roots. It dries up all the nasty oils
that make your hair all greasy.
Trust me, it works!


This is a wonderful idea. Washing your hair everyday is baaad! it not only strips your hair of its natural oils, (that are supposd to be there) if you color it, it takes the color out quicker. I dont care how great your 'color treated' you shampoo is. Asian women only wash their hair MAYBE 3 times a month.. and look at their hair.. i dunno.. the proof is in the pudding.. or oil. .LOL


im telling you i work with hair, and there is some hair that you have to wash it everyday... i have very very oily hair and when i started classes they said that so i tried to listen i did this for 3 months about ever 4 or 5 days i would wash it, it was STILL nasty greasy by the end of the first day after i washed it!!! so for some of you with very oily hair, youll have to wash it everyday.


What's going on?

It could be that you have too much hair. The finer your hair, the more hair you have per square inch of scalp. And at the base of each hair shaft are sebaceous glands, which produce sebum, the fatty 'oil' in oily hair. The more hair, the more oil glands, and the more oil glands, the more oil. Those with fine hair have as many as 140,000 oil glands on their scalps, according to Philip Kingsley, a New York City and London hair care specialist.

Redheads, who average 80,000 to 90,000 hairs per head, rarely have oily hair, he says. Blondes with silky, baby-fine hair tend to have the worst problems with oiliness.

'The texture of your hair does make a difference. Oil wicks onto fine, straight hair very easily. But wiry hair doesn't seem oily. It has a lot to do with perception,' says Thomas Goodman, Jr., M.D., Memphis dermatologist and assistant professor of dermatology at the University of Tennessee Center for Health Sciences.

Intense heat and humidity can also accelerate oil production.

Shampoo frequently. Our experts agree that the most important thing you can do to combat an excessively oily scalp is to shampoo once a day, particularly if you live in a city environment. When summer heat and humidity stimulate your scalp's oil glands, shampooing twice a day may be advisable, says Lowell Goldsmith, M.D., a professor of dermatology and chairman of the Department of Dermatology at the University of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry who specializes in hair disorders.

'The sebaceous glands are producing oil continuously,' he says. 'What you're essentially trying to do is keep up with the secretion and remove it.'

Choose a see-through shampoo. 'Clear, see-through shampoos tend to have less goo in them,' says Dr. Goodman. 'They clean away oil better, without leaving a residue behind.'

Give yourself a scalp massage. This should be done during the shampoo, never between shampoos, says Kingsley. 'Massaging the scalp between shampoos may squeeze a little bit of extra oil out.'

Bubble double. Excessively oily hair may need to be shampooed twice, says Dr. Goldsmith. 'The most common mistake I see is that people don't leave the shampoo on long enough,' he says. 'For people with especially oily hair or scalp, I suggest a double shampoo, leaving the shampoo on the scalp for 5 minutes each time. This won't harm the hair or scalp.'

Get out of condition. If you have oily hair that tends to flatten out as the day goes on, the last thing you want to do is coat it with more oil. Try going without a conditioner, suggests Dr. Goodman.


a good thing to do instead of not washing at all is to shampoo every other night. so it should be, Shampoo - conditioner NEXT DAY conditioner NEXT DAY Shampoo - conditioner. it works good. :D


maybe not for days it might get to greasy but to those who think they no it all are stupid because this actually works not washing it everyday helps keep it healthy


First of all, not everyone's scalp produces it's natural oils at the same rate. So for some people, washing their hair everyday is a 'must do'. Because for me, the top of my head will look oily and obviously unwashed if it's not cleaned everyday. That's gross to go that many days without washing what's been accumulating through that time. And if you're so concerned about your hair producing oils, they make plenty of hair products that you can buy anywhere that will add shine and make your hair feel healthy.


hey everyone most of you are wrong. im a hairdresser and ever since iv done hairdressing iv had healthy strong hair. its all about the products you use. most supermarket products contain silicon which will actually coat your hair. it may make your hair shinier but its bad for your hair and will make your hair more prone to split ends dry hair and unhealthy hair in general. i have bleached platinum blonde hair which grows fast and is very healthy. i wash my hair everyday with a salon shampoo and conditioner and put a salon leave in moisturizer in and blowdry and a couple times a week i will also straighten my hair. i recommend going into a well known salon and getting a shampoo and conditioner that suits your hair. if you colour your hair i recomend getting a colour shampoo and conditioner as well as a moisturizing S&C aswell so your hair wont get used to it. if you love washing your hair everyday get one specifically for daily use. or if you have very dry porous hair prone to damage a product i recommend to clients is indola repair and wash every 2 days. as well as a salon leave in conditioner everyday and salon treatment once a week. iv had clients come to me with damaged hair claiming they have tried everything to get it in good condition and just want it cut all of to get rid of the damaged part but i always say its not necessary. i tell them which products to use and they come back in 6 weeks for their regular trim and they cannot thank me enough at how healthy their hair has gotten


I have very oily hair (I would wash it everyday, and it would quickly go limp and flat due to oil), but this has been working for me so far:

Everyday I shower, I rinse my hair with an apple cider vinegar and cold water solution right before exiting the shower. I use a dab of Loreal Everstrong shampoo on my roots only once a week. As needed, I will work a DROP of light sesame or almond oil through my ends, usually after a shampoo day.

I have noticed several surprising advantages so far. My hair has a LOT more volume. I can flip and shake my hair at the end of the day and it will be as full as it was right after blow drying. Blow drying itself is also way easier and better. My hair was very stubborn and would never hold a style, whether curly or straight, even with a ton of blow drying. Now I can quickly blow dry my hair and the style lasts all day! No need for products anymore!! Plus, since my hair is better protected from the heat by its natural oils, it doesn't show nearly as much damage. And finally, it is the softest, silkiest and shiniest it's been since I was very young! I recommend trying it out and finding the best formula for your hair. It's worth it - the effects are noticeable immediately!

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