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The best thing for your hair? Stop washing it! My best friend does hair and she washes her hair once to twice a week. I know it sounds youcky, especially for me who used to wash my hair nightly. But now I do it every 3 to 4 days. It takes a few days for your head to regulate the oil, but now it is so soft and healty, natrualy. If you use a lot of product like me, just go through the motion of washing your hair, minus the shampoo. Most styling product rinses out with water. I really mean it your hair will thank you!

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I've heard this before but also heard that between washing your hair you can use conditioner. I have really dry hair and have been trying to only wash my hair once a week and condition between then. I haven't been doing this long yet though, so am not entirely sure if it's working. I also wonder about what would happen if I didn't use the conditioner and only used water...I couldn't stand the thought of my hair stinking! At least with the conditioner I feel like I'm cleaning it between shampooings. :)


I was my hair every morning and it's greasy by night fall... I HAVE to wash my hair every day or my pillow will my gross. On top of that... I have thin hair so its nasty looking if I dont wash it. Selective adivce.


omg this worka and btw no name it doesnt smell if u wash it off with water woo someones smart! thanks my hair is soo much softer now and its alot less frizzy!!! (: thank you sooo much!!!!!!!!!!


it raises the question about those who blow dry their hair after showering. I usually shampoo, condition my hair, then afterwards, i wait for it to dry a little, comb, then blow dry with a 'heat protecting spray' so, with less chemicals to 'protect' my hair, will my hair be more vulnerable to heat damage??


ife you want to use a shampoo because your hir produces a lot of oil just use it closer to the scalp and not the ends of the hair or switch to a shampoo that doesn't have laurel sulfates in it.

your dumb

its not a dumb idea.. it really does work your hair needs its natural oils ..


what are you thinking not washing your hair thats crazy atleast wash ur hair every other day but not every other 2 or 3 days that will cause your hair to maybe be oily or itchy

someone who thinks your dumb

This is for ANNIE, i think your dumb i do this to my hair and i dont smell like crap.In fact your the one who most likely looks like crap.


It's good to skip washing your hair, but at least every other day you need to still get it wet, to clean it.


Believe it not, I have heard or this as well, and ironically enough, by another hair care professional. Cutting down on hair washing gives the natural oils in your scalp a chance to build up in between washes, which can actually be very beneficial to your hair and hair I've been told. Of course, if a lot of product is necessary to style your hair on a daily basis, this may not be a good idea. In that case, you should at least rinse your hair with just lukewarm water. Limiting the products that contain alcohol can help also, as alcohol can cause breakage, especially in color and/or chemical treated hair.

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