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Hey! so not to long ago I found out my daughter had head lice!Ugh, for any one going through this I know, it's such a pain, but we tried everything (over the counter shampoos, vinegar, mayo,etc) NOTHING WORKED, now my daughter has very beautiful thick long hair and shaving it was not an option, SO HERE IS THE REMEDY THAT WORKED FOR US, (what your going to need)

-nail polisher remover (smells awful and is kind of toxic so be careful)

-Aussie 3 minute miracle, You could use another but i wouldn't suggest because the nail polish remover may dry out hair and this will help repair it while it is killing the lice. mix half of conditioner with nail polish remover

put all over head and leave it on for 30 minutes (if you leave it on longer like 45 it may kill nits but not always) and then take a metal lice comb and your hair should be silky and easy to comb out nits if they are not dead already,

THIS DOES SMELL AWFUL BUT IS EFFECTIVE if your doing this on kids use less nail polish remover and once again be careful nail polish remover stings in eyes!

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Nail polish remover sounds very DANGEROUS to put in the hair I would not use it on my kids. But thanks for the advice though. :)


how maney time use this think. today my dothers i use tell me how many time use for month


tried this did NOT work....

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