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I swear by this!! I didn't know what to do last night not one but two toothaches came at me at 4 am. WOW it was intense and felt like my head was gonna explode! I have had aches before but this was real painful. I have no insurance and dentists are spending so I was trying to find a quick fix.

So I found Red Cross Toothache kit in the cabinet. Now its like sunflower oil and cloves in it I only have the oil so I used a Que-tip and you suppose to not let saliva get to it because it tastes nasty but I really don't care it WORKS! within like a min of holding the cotton swab on my gum and putting some in the cavity the pain was almost gone but tolerable.

I woke up and the pain was completely gone! I plan on buying this and keeping it with me. I was also told if you keep using this it will numb the pain for good...but everyone is different. Good luck!

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Red Cross does work, I used it years ago. Just be careful because it is so strong (it actually burns like the dickens!!)that it will actually leave blisters in your mouth if used too often.


I'm 15 and I have no supplies like what is listed my pain level is over a 10 no lie, no dentist , no insurance and its 12:06 am I have already taken two ibuprofen tablets it didn't help do you know of any other ways?

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