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Clorox/water (50/50) worked WONDERFULLY for me! My last outbreak last year was from touching a plant unknowingly on my FIL's porch. I bought Tecnu, Caladryl and tried RDigest suggestions. That took four weeks to go away and I did eventually have to get some RX from the Dr. This is DAY 2 and my husband was amazed! I'm very allergic to the stuff and yesterday my forearm was already beginning to look like an apocalyptic burn . I had already taken a shower and was beginning initial washings and decided I just cannot tolerate 4 weeks of oozy blisters when I have oral surgery and classes within a week (oh and a husband and 4 kiddos). Save yourself going through more days of painful rashy-ness and TRY THIS METHOD.The one little spot left on my forearm is less than the size of a quarter. It's seeping but I've got a piece of tissue over it. I do feel some bumpiness around it however it isn't red and it isn't bothering me. Skin is the largest organ in the human body and repairs itself quickly. Poison Ivy did not effect my bloodstream and Clorox will not either. As far as tissue damage, if I were leaving this on for a long period, maybe. The PI rash though is already messing with my skin, killing all the irritants that help the rash makes sense.

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My daughter is only 3 so does it burn or hurt when applied? And how often should I put it on her? She just got it today and I'm trying to catch it before it becomes a problem...


How long do you soak the affected area. Ten min.? 20? Half hour?


I use this everytime I bale hay and get poison ivy. The bleach does not burn even if the ivy is seeping. Just don't let the bleach touch any clothes. It will turn them white. I have poison ivy now and just started the bleach method yesterday. Most of the blisters are starting to dry.


You should NEVER EVER put bleach on your skin!


the bleach method does work.... and why not use the bleach....just in a well ventilated room. I worked at a camp in the mountains and that was what they always did for the kids when they got it....

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