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I placed a warm tea bag on my abscess. My Dad told me the tea's tannic acid helps reduce the swelling and is an antibotic. It worked as the abscess' swelling reduced, I was able to 'suck' blood from the affected area, and the pain subsided. I also took ibupropen for the pain, chased it with a shot of teqila and went to bed with the tea bag tucked around the abscessed tooth. The next morning the area where the abscess was, there was a 'hollow' feeling where the abcess was. Thanks Dad! This works for styes too!

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What kind of tea did you use?


I have read a lot about tooth aches and was told by my dentist that an abscess is an infection and anything warm or hot will make it spread. ice pack is going to be one of the best options to help with swelling besides pain reliever. also take pain relievers with caffeine because it will make it work faster and stay in your system longer.


I have to admit , the teabag DOES WORK !!!
I've had a bad abscess for the last week or so and today it finally got to the point I was in tears !
I read over this site because I like lots of others don't have dental insurance and can't afford to go to the dentist .
I put a warm teabag on my gum about 45 min ago and I can probably sleep now ! .thank you!!


I haven't tried this, but the on call nurse at the clinic I went to AND my friend who is a dental hygienist both told me to try the tea bag trick as well as avoid any cold food or liquid until I get it looked at. The heat draws out the infection so that being said try this. Also, warm salt water and ibuprofen are your best friends when dealing with an infection not Tylenol!

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