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This is my little story on my anxiety and panic attacks. First off I was about 22-23 when it all started. I came home from work( I averaged about 13+ hrs a day at the time) when I was getting into the shower I had this sudden weird sensation I never had. My heart started pounding, I had this weird feeling in my head, I got all sweaty and nauseated and felt like I couldn't breathe. I thought i was dieing and this was it. I told my parents how I felt. We went outside to eat some sugars and drink some vitamin C. I never had an anxiety or panic attach my whole life until then. I had never really worried about anything up until this point. I just shook it off after I got my bearings straightened back. I took a trip to Tn with my then fiancé and on the way there it all happend again and this time I felt disconnected the majority of the way there. Same symptoms and everything. After a nights rest we went out and about and then it happened again. This time I went to the ER where the dr basically said I was just dehydrated and gave me a small medication for the vertigo feeling I was having. After a couple of days I was back to normal and only having these episodes once in a while. After a couple of years I went to my regular dr where I was prescribed Xanax to just calm me down. After taking the Xanax for a while and only using it when I felt nervous like I had in the past, I wanted something to take everyday. My dr tried me with lexapro. I would highly recommend to stay away from this. I took it for 3 days and threw them in the trash. I felt like a total zombie and just felt bad and disconnected like I had before. I since then, haven't taken a single thing for my anxiety, knock on wood. I've learned not to dwell on things from the past and just let go of anything that's bothering me. I keep a little worry journal and write things down that I've thought about through the day about an hour before I lay down to sleep. I since then have felt like the old me. I couldn't be happier. I would just recommend to just try and relax and breathe nice deep breaths. Get some fresh air and just let it all go. Keep yourself occupied with something you like to do. Start walking and exercising. That is a great stress reliever.

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Sarad Thamia

I know what you're saying about Lexapro. After 18 hours I felt the effects. I hated it. I stopped taking out and called my doctor.


I take lexapro and it has been working really good for me. Paxel made me suicidal. Thank you for sharing your story.

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