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Hi guys, I'm African American, 20 years old and I've had stretch marks since I was about 11. I've tried various things, however I stumbled across this video on YouTube showing different remedies for stretch marks. If you type in YouTube 'beautifulbrwnbabydol' and find her stretch mark video. It's very insightful.
One which I think may possibly work is cutting a potatoes in half and rubbing it on your stretch marks. I've tried potatoes on my face and it has gotten brighter, perhaps if you try the potatoe on the stretch marks then they may fade.
I hope this helps, I'll update soon!

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How long did it take for themto go away ?


Sweet, or, Irish Potatoes??


Please my dear, is it irish potato or sweet potato?


Hope this works I'm 13 and had steach marks since the 6th and this is some thing easy to do and BTW thank you Anna for thia post rhat you had done?????

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