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Swipe area with LIDOCAINE every time before going pee to numb the pain

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lauren 123

I tried to use this last night, and it didnt really work still burned like hell :( x


Pour some water on your genital area while you pee to reduce the pain. You can use a big water bottle. I use a plant watering can. I got mine from ikea for $1 and keep it handy in the bathroom. Another tip, I throw a handful of Epsom salt into the water. After peeing, rinse once with the Epsom salt water, you will feel the effects of the Epsom salt right away. This helps the sores heal faster. After about a minute fill up your water can or water bottle again and pour the water over your genital area but this time without Epsom salt. You'll feel a lot better. If desperate, buy over the counter pills or ask your doctor for a prescription for pills that reduce the acidity of urine. These are usually prescribed to people with urinary tract infections.

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