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Excedrine Migraine does help. Though, lately it seems to be less effective.

If you have the availability to go to a neurologist, I've heard that botox treatments actually help with migraines. Though, if you're afraid of needles, then I don't recommend this. I haven't tried it myself yet but the place I went to give out those treatments 10x more than most other places. ---I've tried many preventatives already. None of them have worked. I'm thinking that one of them as made my migraines worse. A preventative may be the key for you. I believe after trying three different ones in one summer that they made my hypoglycemia worse...

Sometimes caffeine can help OR make it worse. I do drink something with low caffeine with whatever I'm taking.

I've heard butterbur pills help. I'm going to try that soon.

Tying a headband around my head helps more than most things, especially if I'm in a freezer at work. Normally when cold air hits my forehead I'll start to get a migraine.

Most of my triggers are bright lights, certain sounds, stress, lack of sleep. Sometimes I might get a migraine without any of these triggers. I'm still trying to figure them out.

As I've had migraines, many of the symptoms have changed. Used to, my hands, or even a part of my face would go numb. It's rarely occurred after about a year or so but they're coming back. Same thing with auras. I think lately my speech has slowed down when I get a worse migraine. I do worry about that. Or maybe it's just me. I do get very, very irritable. It's not great working around customers when the owner says we should all act bubbly and blonde. (I swear he's a complete idiot). I don't think it would be rare if the symptoms change, especially if they go untreated. I'd like to try as many home remedies before I go back to my neurologist again to try more pills.

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