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GooooooooooooD day,

I'm in a super mood today since i think i found a way to get rid of genital warts WITHIN 2 DAYS! This will burn slightly but works Within 2 days all warts were ggone!
Just follow these easy steps, it worked for me im sure it will work for you as well.
Im a 20 year old male and in a happy relationship, when i saw these strange things on my pride i was shocked, but immediately started treating it when i saw its not getting better but worse, this knocked my self confidence to hell and back and got depressed and all those other things im sure i don't need to tell you how much this sucks, but hopefully i can help change that TODAY, no need to buy expensive stuff and the best off all is im giving you my advice for free cause i don't even wish this upon my worst enemy, LETS START AND CHANGE YOU SEX LIFE FOREVER!!! YAY

You will need:

Duofilm Liquid - Have no idea how much it cost i was lucky enough to find some at my house, this kills warts.
Apple Cider Vinegar - ACV
To be patient for two days at least xD

Day 1:

Apply the Duofilm Liquid to only warts, otherwise you will learn the hard way not to put it on healthy/non effected skin.
Don't cover it up and do your normal stuff you usually do. Apply in the morning and before bed and if you can do so through the day as well.

Day 2:

Do the same as day one but cover it up today every time you apply the Duofilm (Remember to clean properly in a hot shower and was hands every time)

The Duofilm might burn skin and it will burn allot more than usual on day 2 you DON'T have to PANIC. :)

Day 3(D-Day): xD

Take a HOT shower (as hot as you are able to don't burn youself now) Clean the white off, the Dupfilm, but not 100% off the warts. Dry nicely and take the cottonwool and wipe hardish over the warts (scabbing as well if you did scab) and what is that? most/all the warts are wiped off??? WOW!!!

There might be a 'piece' of ward still here or there then just repeat day 2 again.

After you cleaned the area nicely with water and a disinfectant, dry again. take cottonwool and put some Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) on and put it and clean with that as well, lastly you take a NEW piece of cottonwool put some more ACV on it and place it on area and find a way to keep it there so it doesn't move around, maybe a plaster or something. Do this one more time in the day and before bed.

Day 4:

Get up go shower clean and no more warts!!!!! Yay xD

Just to make sure they don't come back again just every night for a month about put some ACV on and wash in the morning then im sure they will NEVER come back.


I really hope it works and help you people out there i know how much this sucks, but WHEN this works for you you can smile and have confidence again in bed ;)

PLEASE DON'T be scared to ask questions if something is happening that you're not sure that it is suppose to happen. And also i would like it if you guys can give me feedback if its working for you or not.

If id doesn't work then pleas DO let me know so i can try and help you, i am currently doing research on it, and since i don't have it anymore i NEED your help as well.

Enjoy and good luck :)

OH!!! and ofcorse fun afterwards ha-ha!!!

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anxiously waiting!

This sounds very honest and I appreciate your help....mine are white now and I am hoping that after day 4 they will fall off.....thanks


It's worth a try. Thanks for taking the time to write it all out and post it here.

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