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I have a tooth that has a hole in it were the nerve is exposed that hurts me everyday so bad that i cant handle it and i end up teeth is sensitive to cold stuff and air hurts it badly..go to walmart and get the extra strength pain reliever 500 mg and take 2 of them which only cost like 88 cents for a bottle of 12 ,and then pack your tooth with bc powder after rinsing with baking soda...then whats left over of the bc powder go ahead and take it with some warm water ..Trust me i cant handle pain at all and this has helped me so much..this relieved it faster then anything ive ever taken or done..good luck!! Hope it helps u like it helped me..

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baking soda is one of the worst thing you can put on your tooth it is so harsh on your tooth that it actually eats up your enamels exposing your nerves so with tooth pain please NO BAKING SODA


It's BC powder. Not baking soda. So stupid.


Your message clearly says baking soda so your the stupid one actually :)


What is bc? Powder

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