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For yucky chronic nasal drainage (the kind you constantly have to clear your throat but can't do anything about because it is viral and must just run it's course because anti-biotics would be worthless), buy some chamomile tea bags, regular size, brand name(s) do not matter, brew about 3.5 minutes in the microwave, add a tiny amount of milk (just enough to change it's color) and 1.5 tablespoons of honey. That's it. My 10 year old son and I do it before bed since honey has a sleep inducing effect and we both sleep soundly through the night. He wasn't sure about the tea the first night but now he requests it regularly but I save it as 'special' tea when we both get the yucky crap. It really is simple but I promise you it works and tastes so much better than Ny-quil, not that I could get him to take Ny-quil w/o upchucking (even the large pills of it gag him). Give it a try a few nights and you'll see what I mean.

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Big Mama

I'm so sick with mucous and coughing my upper body hurts from the force of it. I'm going straight for the chamomile right now! thanks so much!


Thank You!! X3 this is the only that is working!!! the Doctor is so stupid sometimes!!!!


Thanks! This has helped so much!


thanks, will do! i've heard this one before just wasnt sure if it really worked. good thing i have chamomile right now! ^-^


I noticed a definite improvement after only 1 drink of chamomile tea with honey. Amazing.


Microwave ????????????????????


Brew the tea with water for 3.5 minutes is what you mean, how much water??


Sorry but as soon as you mentioned microwave I lost all interest. Microwaves kills food and eventually YOU.

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