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Abscessed Tooth 101.

Rules of the game.
2. garlic,
3. clove oil,
4. Advil,
5. keep hydrated,
6. don't use heat,
7. keep your mouth very very clean,

So after going from page to page, and seeing some honestly scary advice, people taking steak knifes, and tooth picks, needles to a pus filled infection is honestly the worst thing you can do.


When you rupture the inflamed soft tissue, the pus is released and you will feel better. However you have given the infection everything it needs to go from a dangerous infection to a deadly infection.

Over 300,000 people a year die from doing dumb stuff like this... it's not rare, and one of the major things we see in the e.r.

If you're in a bathroom trying to 'sanitize' stuff to poke a hole you are so far off its not even funny.

Please, again, listen... do not puncture it at home, you are not smart enough to defeat 3 million years of evolution, the infection is going to win.

How to reduce pain until you can have the tooth extracted or a root canal done.

The infection wants heat, oxygen, minerals.. It's all about layers.

First take Advil, NOT Aspirin, or Tylenol. We want to reduce inflammation not increase blood flow. This is the first mistake a lot of people make.

Second, use a cold press, NOT a hot press. Again people will feel more pain lose using heat, but whats happening is your expanding the tissue allowing the infection to move to new areas. You want to contain it and fight it head on.

Be smart, not stupid.

Now, if you have an abscess you need antibiotics asap. Amox, Chem, etc, sometimes it takes one kind, not anther, and will take anywhere from 48-96 hours to effect giving how hydrated and healthy you are..

After you get your antibiotics, you can start the home remedies...

Minced garlic in oil, big plop of it on the gum, 10 minutes... you will be a happy camper, don't use garlic you need to cut.. it will take far to long to release the various chemicals mother nature put in garlic to help inflammation...

At this point, you have

Advil, antibiotics, garlic on the soft tissue.

Still in pain?

Don't lay down, keep your head elevated and move onto black tea. Black tea, right out of the pack, some water, press it against the cheek and abscess area and watch a tv show.

At this point the pain should be dull enough you can sleep, or at-least function. Try to man/girl up and don't bother the ER unless you are shaking in tears...

Last, Get to the dentist. No money is not an excuses, nether is being afraid of that chair.

You need the tooth extracted.

Simple extraction with forceps: $183

Surgical extraction of erupted tooth
requiring elevation of flap and removal of tooth or bone: $300

impacted tooth – soft tissue: $341

partially bony impacted tooth: $423

completely bony impacted tooth: $522

removal of residual roots: $330

Each year people let these infections run a course and people die, they get dispirited and pop the abscess, they do anything they can except pay a dentist.

These people die at an alarming rate.

Sell a car, get a second job, third job, pawn a tv, borrow money, take out a loan, once the abscess is formed you have only a time frame of a week or two before it begins to get serious it can impact your life in the long term.

Be safe, toughen up, and use your head.


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I have an abscess that I noticed about 2-3 weeks ago. I will not have enough money to go to the for about 6-8 months. I will not try to pop the abscess myself thanks to your post...I almost did. What can I do to be 'healthy' until I can go to he dentist?


I have no way of obtaining that kind of money. Is there an antibiotic that is otc or I can make at home, such as certain fruits and veggies with antibiotic properties?


Some people really cannot come up with hundreds of extra dollars in a matter of hours or days. I live in a remote rural area. Work full time. Have almost nothing left after rent and utilities. Sell a car? I only have one clunker and if I did sell it, no way to get to work. I have nothing to pawn. No one I know has that much money to lend. The local doctors won't even let you pay the reception desk until you pay the office visit fee... I know because once I had an appt for a checkup and forgot my wallet, and asked if I could pay next visit (I have NEVER not paid up front, and have been going to this Dr for years) and they told me to come back the next day when I had the fee. Very embarrassing, and that was over a mere 60 dollars. I have an abscessed tooth from a lost filling right now' infection has gone into the jaw. There is a large hard lump on my lower jaw, looks terrible and is enormous. Feels like it is about to burst through the skin. I went to ER and was turned away and told to see a dentist because a dental abscess is not an emergency. It seriously is about the size of a half a ping pong ball. I'm out of options.


For those who have no money, go to a dental school. Sometimes they will take care of it free of charge to teach the students how to remove infected teeth, etc.


People: LISTEN TO ASPENDENTAL!!! Do not poke, prod or pierce an abscess. Sepsis is bad and you don't want to get it. I spent a week in the hospital 2 years ago from picking at an ingrown hair. 4 different intravenous antibiotics 24 hours a day for 6 days plus morphine the pain was so bad. Blew out my IV daily to the point where I almost had nowhere else for them to put one. The ER doc told me had I waited 2 more hours to get to the ER I would have been in Septic Shock and could have died.

Try the tea bag. It took care of my abscessed tooth in 2 days.

Don't poke! Good luck guys!


I see you say to take Advil, not tylenol or aspirin, but what about Excedrin? Cuz personally that has helped me with the pain the most so it that ok to take along with doing everything else suggested?


First off, how the heck did you get through so many years of college with such pathetic grammar and spelling? Second, it's nice that you care enough that you will take the time to post remedies like this on a website, and thank you for the tip about not lancing. However, you don't have to call people stupid, just because we are poor and looking for ways to keep from going deeper into debt. With pain this bad, people are willing to try anything. Third, how dare you sit there and tell other people to pawn their possessions and sell their cars in order to line your bank accounts? Dentists, doctors, insurance companies, etc: They all profit from other people's misfortunes, and the fact that you have the gall to claim that 'no money is not an excuses' (literally, how sad is that?) while there are people, like myself, living in a family that receives $1,500 a month, is just sickening. I would love nothing more than to go to a dentist and have this PAIN IN MY ASS removed so that both myself and my fiancee can get some sleep, but $100 to me is a very large amount of money. So perhaps the medical industry needs to re-evaluate its priorities, because the economy is not getting any better.




Take out a loan, sell your children, perform favors on the corner, DO WHATEVER IT TAKES to get me my money, erm...... i mean, get the tooth pulled. yea... thats it

The above is what i see everytime i read your posts, aspendental.


I am not sure where anyone lives on here. However in ontario and probably most provinces in Canada you can receive free emergency dental. There is a huge process involved and you must qualify as low income. I believe it is worth the intrusion. I have 2 very large abcesses and will be receiving treatment shortly as I just applied.

poor and in pain

What if you do not even have even a twenty for a dentist? How can you say that money is no excuse? If I had a hundred dollars, I wouldn't think twice about visiting a dentist.

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