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A few of my patients have used this site for quick patches, and i wanted to check it out.

I want to make this very, very clear.


The fact i have to explain why means a lot of people are simply not thinking before they take action, and pain is a precursor for doing dumb things...

Ever stub your toe and then punch something in anger hurting your hand...
Idiots do this.

What is an abscess...
I will keep it simple, at the root of the tooth, sometimes in the gums soft tissue itself is a infection.

Infections feed like humans, they need oxygen, minerals, and time. When the infection over runs the body's natural defensive system it begins to spread laterally, or into the jaw itself, up the face, down the neck...

When you puncture the abscess at home, you have done exactly what the infection needs to stay alive and well.

You have also made the infection stronger, as the pus drains it will
feel great.. you will think... cured!

Take the rest of your antibiotics, and move on... maybe a few months later when the cash is around you will have the work done.


In the meantime, the infection now has more room, more bacteria, oxygen, minerals, and pathways for the infection to spread.

(please don't be dumb enough to think burning a needle or 'sterilizing' a tooth pick won't induce bacteria. You just put a hole in the gum.. and the human mouth has MILLIONS of bacteria, even after mouthwash... sorry scope fans, 99.9% of dead bacteria is still millions of bacteria.

At this point you have drained the abscess and feel good. One month goes by
and you get a fever. Your gum/tooth feels fine, but the fever gets worse.

Your now at the E.R, with a 103 temp, diarrhea, vomiting and massive pains threw out your body.

They admit you, and begin antibiotics after seeing the obvious septic blood..

Its too late, and the liver/kidneys begin to shut down.. your brain begins to swell. You are put in a drug induced coma. At this point you will most likely be dead within 72 hours of entering the E.R doors.

Over a needle to put in your infected gum.

Please, please understand i've watched people die from this, every year over and over people do this idiotic stuff and end up dead.

Stats, about 250-300,000 each year.


Get to a dentist, get antibiotics, get the tooth pulled, and let your body do what it was designed to do.

I know the pain is bad, but its not going to last for your entire life, death however does.

A tooth can be pulled at our office for $200-400 without insurance, sell a car, take out a loan, borrow money.. whatever it takes...

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To everyone who is complaining!!

Come on its not his fault you don't have the funds
And You have 4 kids
You have no job
You have a minimum paying job
You have bills
Hey it's called life
He put his time and effort to explain the consequences and why you shouldn't do it yourself.
By the way i am no way close to rich or do I drive a Ferrari. But be real and stop complaining its nothing new dont act so shocked that prices are that high anything in the medical field is fucking expensive. Any type of surgery cost money! Dental,giving birth, or whatever. But you know what? That's why you should of studied for something like that. I know I don't cuz I don't have the brains for that. I work at autozone come on you think I get paid good hellllll no!!! But if I need work done in my teeth or anything that is bothering me its my responsibility. If you say you can't sell your car kus of your kids or this and that ok but you should of tought of all this before you had your kindergarden or bought that house and the list goes on. In sorry I know there is some cases where people have a really good job then they loose their job or similar cases but even then it's still your problem to find a way to solve it and stop complainin. It's nothing new medical shit is expensive damn!!! I just hate people who complain.
Sorry if I insulted anyone it's not my intent but to maybe open your eyes to reality


To Ws6venom: Fuck you, pal. This 'dentist' you're backing can't fucking spell, so a little apprehension is a given. Fuck your high and mighty attitude, people obviously know the first choice would be a dental visit. No shit, Sherlock. These people are looking for relief on a home remedy site, and if you're not here to give it, then fuck right off.


The statistics mentioned in the post are inaccurate. According to a study released in the September issue of the 2013 Journal of Endodontics the actual number of hospitalizations regarding tooth infection related incidents in the US was 8,141 in 2008 with 66 patients dying from complications.

That being said, the warning to not drain your own abscess is legitimate. I drained an abscess in 2012 and ended up in the ER hours away from total renal and liver failure and a surgeon having to go drain it via the neck because I couldn't open my mouth.

The structural damage to your teeth will not heal, and even if one infection is repelled by antibiotics another one will arise eventually. It is true that once the infection is cured you have some time to save up and the sense of urgency is decreased but as I said. Its a gamble how much time you have before another abscess forms.

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