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Lucille Green

This is the absolute truth. My Doctor had me on all kinds of migraine meds. I had a migraine that lasted 24hrs. a day to the point of being sent home from work, crying, eye pain, etc. It never went away, I dealt with it for 6years. When I was 33years old, I am now 65. I started believing that I could do all things through Christ and that prayer changes things. I went into the bathroom, turned off all the lights, closed curtains got it completely dark and started REALLY PRAYING. I stayed there for about an hours crying and praying and my head was killing me. I promised that I would stop certain things in my life and that I would start giving back to the community in some form. I SWEAR when I got up off my knees my headache was gone and I have never had ANY kind of headache since.

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a great testimony


I thought this was for sharing Natural cures, not Nonsense cures.


@ 'natural cures, not nonsense cures': this is definitely not a 'nonsense cure', just not natural. Although I suppose if you're not Christian you wouldn't think this makes sense.

Anyway: Praise the Lord!


I hope you kept your end of the bargain..... That sounds like God to me! Sometimes He answers prayer with a yes and sometimes with no, but He is faithful always.


This is a joke right? You are completely delusional if you believe this.


Awesome! I am so happy for you. I truly BELIEVE Jesus answers prayer... and for those of you who dont believe, that's exactly why you're still in the place you are...


Amen I use Prayer and Gospel music real low in a dark room as meditation to relieve my pain. BBB And I feel those of you who doubt this if you start believing you just might get your healing too.


Prayer is a very powerful thing. For all the nonbelievers, try it.


Oh lord, please don't post your bullshit here, we're already in pain, we don't need this crap to wade through.

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