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At 26 I was diagnosed with genital HSV-1 which is more common on the mouth (cold sores), but i was unfortunate enough to get it downstairs. My bf at the time had an outbreak at the same time so it was quite confusing & distressing ontop of all the excruciating pain itching and flu like symptoms. (Months later I found out he'd cheated). Anyway I have been very lucky to go a whole 4 years without any reoccurrences until now.

This 2nd OB while frustrating, is manageable & no where near the horrors I went through the 1st time (exactly as you described). I think the main thing that's prevented OBs over the last 4 years has been controlling my periods with the pill and only having my period once every 4 months or so (mainly to prevent a reoccurrence of endometriosis) It's interesting that this is the 1st time I've been off the pill in ten years & coincidentally had a herpes outbreak with my period. So if you find you only get it with your period it might be worth trying to reduce frequency of periods with the contraceptive pill & therefor less stress on body / less chance for outbreaks? Seems to have done wonders in my situation.

This OB ive used tea trea oil and zinc powder to keep the area dry so it doesnt spread & this seemed to take the pain away. Smashing vitamins c, lysine, zinc also.

I was terrified when it came to telling a new partner about the virus but was honest & brought it up after we had been dating about a month - once I knew it could be serious & before things got too intimate - & whilst he's never had it he was very understanding, supportive, and has still not contracted the virus thus far, i took lysine for the first 6 months together & after 2 years together he is still in the clear thank goodness! Hope this has been of some help to others.

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