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I had a toothache the dentist kept saying it was one tooth I said it was another. He sent me to the oral surgeon, the oral surgeon agreed with the dentist and pulled the tooth. I was still in agony. 5 days later I went back to the oral surgeon told him to pull the tooth I said hurt. He kept saying nothing is wrong with that capped tooth. He finally pulled it I had a chip in the porcelean & crack in the crown. Then I had a sore mouth the only thing that worked for me was 3 advil, aloe vera gel and oral gel mouth care wash for canker sores, braces etc.. Instant relief.

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I'm so sorry for all the pain. Shame on the first dentist for not hearing you and extract a perfect tooth.I can imagine the anger.
While overseas I had no problems, but while working at a rodeo a dentist suggested my wisdom teeth for they could go bad. I did with no problems.
Here is my 'DUH.' A year later was back in USA and during a routine cleaning, he told me I had 17 decays. Trusting him I had them filled accept one he kept saying it was huge. He raised his rates so I said 'Adios.'
Found a dentist.The tooth he was saving last? No cavity. The duh was having no cavities to 17 within a year. How could I have been so conned?
Now the fillings are breaking and taking pieces of teeth because teeth shift as we get older. The dentist did my Mom the same.But, he accepted cash or checks. With no money, she started seeing my dentists for a couple of decayed teeth but the x-rays proved how she too was conned.
There is a point to this. If a dentist tells you that you have cavities and has x-rays to prove it? You cant't see they are yours. PLEASE, Please,have a second opinion. Most have morals and scruples. My best friend was told she had bone loss and can't shake off he lied because she became a dental about 1yr later.

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