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i have had anal hpv since 2008. i had every type treatment available in the US public health dept. the only thing that worked for me was topical TCA (tetracholric acid) treatments- which destroy the first couple layers of tissue of the skin; and burning the wart briefly with a heated paper clip.
my doctor was enthusiastic that if i disrupted the skin of the wart, my body will deal with the virus as it would the common cold/flu/etc and clear it away.

recurrences are based on unhealthy conditions in the body: poor diet, smoking, acidic blood, etc.

tapping the wart with a heated metal paperclip is the fastest way to rid yourself of the viral blemish, and it heals in a few days to a week.

keep yourself healthy and take good care of your foods and diet is the only way to prevent more warts from forming.

if you just got warts then you should visit your local health dept for a first evaluation and treatment. especially if you cant easily reach the problem areas yourself.

28/male in nc/usa

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Keeping shafts with warts on them out of your anus helps too.

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