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bill lashly

I will make this as short as possible. I have had very bad vertigo for the last 7 years. It hit me so hard I ended up flat on my face in the bathroom puking my guts out. It was very bad. (So back to the present) This works 100% of the time. Go to Lows or large hardware store and get a pack of two magnets (the stronger the better) put them together to make about a 2' by 2' block 1/4' thick. Put magnets together and wrap in hand towel and place the Mag. under that bump on the back of your head. Tie the two ends together at your forehead, start out with 15 minutes and work up to 30 minutes max. It will totally cure your vertigo anyway it sure did mine. My vertigo was so bad my head felt and sounded like it had water sloshing around in it. What I think happiness is those little particals floating around in there are attracted to the Magnets and it pulls them back down. Oh yes I do my treatment once a day. When I first did this treatment it stopped the sloshing right away. Try it. I would also like to know if this worked for you. I have been doing my exersize for about two months and 99% cured.

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are you sure it is effective?


where exactly is this bump you speak of?

Dee Dee

bill lashly...your comment is a god send. I've only been had Vertigo for a few weeks, but I've been unable to do anything. Go into work, take care of my 1 yr. old. I couldn't even go to the bathroom, that's when I went to the emergency room. They told me i had vertigo from infection from my strep throat and then told me that there isnt any medicine for it. Just that meclyzine (I think it's called) and that only lasts for 2 hrs. then what??? So I went searching, and found this blog, and found your entry. I thought what the hell. It wont hurt lets try. and what do ya know. I taped the magnets to my head for an hour (probably not safe) but it started going away. I swear in like 15 from putting it blurred eyes cleared and my dizzies went away. I then found out that they make medical magnetic jewelry and got me a necklace. It's still working. not perfectly cleared up, but this is going away. I put in on before bed for about 1/2 hr. and in the morning I get up and almost forget what i had. I just have to figure out how to rid of this permanently. BUT THANK YOU SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH FOR YOUR SUGGESTION. I wouldn't believe it worked if I didn't try it myself. I wish I could get an update from you about how your vertigo is doing. thank you take care.


Wow! I tried the magnets today, I went to my doctor yesterday morning after waking up spinning out and vomitting, then being told I had Vertigo. I came home & straight away started to google for a natural remedie to this horrible affliction. Thank you Bill, for sharing this wonderful, workable treatment. It cost me $4.00 for the magnets, & it's working!


does the magnet can really cure vertigo? please kindly reply.if it is working for anybody,then i want to try.but does it have any sidee effects?.please reply


can you do a diagram of how you attach magnets to your head please?


yes ur correct.diagram or snap shot will help to use this technique effectively.


Thank you Bill for sharing the magnets method. I am a single mom from an European Country and no health insurance. I was disabled from the vertigo for about 2 weeks. I bought 4 magnets and wrapped them in a small hand towel and put it next to my ears. It did worked. I am not perfect today but I am able to walk without falling. At least everything stopped spinning and I can read again. Thanks. I felt like the crystals in my ear were moving after few sec. I did that. Now I will bring them with me everywhere.



I have a bad vertigo problem
Today m going to try ur remidy
Hope its work.
Can u show how u tie that magnets

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