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After 3 years of trying all sorts of treatments I finally got rid of my plantar wart. I have tried over the counter remedies including salicylic acid 17.5% and trichloroacetic acid; home remedies like cider vinegar, concentrated bleach and duct tape; herbal remedies like tea tree oil; even some old podophyllin from the back of the cabinet to no avail. Having run out of ideas I visited my doctor who suggested a stronger salicylic acid at 26% called Occlusal which is only available on prescription. I sanded the wart down with a disposable nail sander, painted just the wart 2 or 3 times with the solution then covered just the dried solution with a small piece of cut Elastoplast. I painted and covered the wart every day and sanded it down every other day being careful not to make it bleed. To my surprise, after 3 weeks the wart started to look smaller! I continued with the applications putting less solution onto the shrinking wart and allowing the surrounding skin to recover. After 6 weeks the wart had gone completely and hasn't returned. I would certainly recommend a 26% salicylic acid solution by prescription as the ones over the counter from the chemist simply weren't strong enough!

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I had a stubborn planters wart. I went to my doctor twice to have it scrapped and dabbed with silver nitrate (i think thats what he put on it) He said to me the most effective way to get rid of them is to have your own immune system fight them. He scrapped it just enough for it to bleed a bit. Well - it came back after doing this twice. Its not convenient to keep going back to the dr. So I used a pedi egg and would scrap it down myself before bed, add a dab of tea tree oil, and cover it with first aid tape. Just when i thought i had it gone, i would feel it building up. So again, i'd scrap it down until a speck of blood came out. After about 4 scrapping it simply disappeared. According to my doctor, this method (although he didnt recommend me doing this myself) will create an immunity by exposing a speck of blood to the wart virus so other warts will be fought off as well. You shouldnt have to scrap them off. I'd just pick the biggest most bothersome one.

I would wash it well with soap and water and pat it dry, scrap it, dab with pure tea tree (ya it burns a bit) then cover it up.

Keep it covered the next day to keep it clean.

ive tried compound W - it just destroyed the skin around it and left the wart in tact. I've also tried a few of the suggestions here with no success :(

Do NOT let anyone else use your pedi egg or you could transfer the virus. Clean up any skin removed by the scrapings with Clorox wipe and stick just to the wart. I would pinch it up and scrap it as to leave the surrounding tissue alone.

Dont over do it.

good luck. i feel your pain - but not anymore! :)*knock on wood*

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