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When ticks bite, they bury their head in your skin so in order to breath, they actually breath through their back, the best thing to do is to apply enough Vaseline to cover the whole tick, he will immediatley die and let go. If he is well attached, try pulling gently with tweezers, if you still have a problem, you should go to the ER, some ticks carry Lyme Disease, and if the tiniest piece of them is left inbedded in your skin you can contract the disease.

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using vaseline or any other substance to 'suffocate' the tick won't work. they still have enough oxygen left to complete the feeding.


Actually, I have seen this work. Recently I was at my aunts house in the county. My cousin had a tick in his hair and my uncle said to get some vaseline and put it on a cotton ball, then hold it over the tick for a minute or two. To my surprise this method worked. The tick let go and we just picked it off.


I found out I had a tick attached to me after taking a hot bath with extra creamy body soap. It was so tiny I had to look under a magnifying glass to see what it was, and sure enough it was a deer tick (still alive), from the hike in the woods of Wisconsin. It doesn't hurt to try it.


Ticks do not bury their head..they have a stinger like thing they insert in your skin, similiar to a wasp stinger. This is how they remove the blood from you.


Wow People. Using Vasoline WILL cause the tick to VOMIT back into the bite! Call your family doctor and ask him/her if this is ever a good idea! They will surely tell you NO! And ticks attach using their jaws. They do not stick their entire heads under the skin.


Hey folks, guess what? ABSOLUTELY ANY and EVERY method, without exception, that forces a tick to detatch from its host before it's feeding is completed, does so by causing severe enough irritation as to cause shock, when this happens the tick instantly VOMITS its fluids into the hosts bloodstream thereby nullifying any benefit of removing it. SURPRISE!

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