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Earlier this year I went to see my doctor because I had noticed a strong fishy odour from my vagina and that my vaginal discharge had become thin. I was diagnosed with BV and I was put on antibiotics and was told to use vaginal pessaries. They worked well for a little while until the BV came back after having sex. I was once again put on antibiotics and had to use the pessaries. Same thing happened only this time I was abroad when I started noticing the symptoms reoccuring. I went to the local pharmacy to see if I could find some pessaries that could potentially hold the symptoms at bay and ended up finding this product called Balance Activ. Now I know that this is not a natural remedy but I still thought I should share that this product is amazing! You can either get it as a gel or as pessaries. I got the pessaries and put one in before I went to bed. Two hours after I fell asleep I woke up with a burning sensation in my vagina and I was very alarmed by this. After a short while the burning stopped and I was able to fall asleep. When I woke up the next day all the symptoms were gone which is so much more than what I was hoping for. When you have BV you have to use the pessaries for 7 days and then you can also use the product for maintainance to keep the BV at bay. The product doesn't contain hormones which is a releif and I can't help thinking that if I can use this product instead of having to go on antibiotic I would much prefer that!

BV is so difficult to get rid of and seriously messes with your self-esteem which is why I wanted to share my experience in the hope that Balance Activ will work for everyone else who have continuous problems with BV.

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