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I am unable to go to the dentist, no dental insurance and no money to pay a dentist. Even when I had dental insurance, it was still very expensive. Of all days I had a toothache from hell on the 4th of July. I've given birth multiple times, at least with childbirth you can get pain meds that really do work. This s*&^ is for the birds. It is 5:12 am I have been unable to sleep for hours. My face is swollen, I tried peroxide, warm salt water, orajel, some over the counter dental filling kit, I brushed my teeth, nothing worked. I got desperate as the pain was getting worse. I had a prescription for some pain pills that make me sick to my stomach Hydrocodon. I poured a little less than a cap full of Nyquil, put the pill in there, mashed it up and made a paste, I dipped a q-tip in the paste and put it on the sore area. I then tore a piece of napkin, folded it like a gauze, wet it with Nyquil, poured the paste on one side of the napkin, stuck it in my mouth on the sore area. And I'm using an icepak for my face. The paste and nyquil has worked, I can still feel throbbing, but for now 95% of the pain is gone. I cried earlier because the pain was so intense, but right now I think I can finally lay down and go to sleep - 5:22 am

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