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Well I'm 14 years old and this was my second Yeast Infection I think, well I used vanilla Carmel tea and salt water the tea works then I used a blow dryer and heating pad and they helped so much a relieved it I just did it to and it's 3:30 in the morning but I love the way it made me feel I love it so much I can actually go to sleep with my boyfriend and not get up and wake him up but ny ways HEAT APPLY HEAT!!! It helps more then anything

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wtf is wrong with this generation


I was like giving advice and sleeping with a boyfriend legal, no girl you should be ashamed

Asie must know that this is a fake is too ridiculous to be real and her remedies are exact opposite of what should be done!


Its not a fake posting.. That's the sad thing about it. She is 14 and you can tell from the advice she gave. Sleeping with your boyfriend at 14.. Sweetie a yeast infection is just the beginning of the problems you're going to have down there. So sad.. Where are the parents?!?!


OMG I have a 13yr old daughter, WHERE the hell are your parents? Apparently they DO NOT CARE about this child, this post should be reported in. TERRIBLE!!! Good Luck kiddo your gonna need it when you have a child before your 16yrs old...

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