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Hi there,
Ive had this dreadful fungus on my legs and the vaginal area, first i did'nt knew what it was then i went online and found out its ringworm in 3 weeks it spreaded like crazy, and i cudnt stop my hand reaching there and scratched my skin like crazy i scratched to the point that it bleeded, then i order the ringuard for india from ebay, applied the crazy, didnt worked, applied the vicks the vaporub formula nothing worked, then i came across this website and i read peoples comment of buying the Blue Star Ointment, i straight went to CVS like 2am in morning, purchased it at first it burned, then i stopped itching like magic, then within 1 day the redness turned black and second evening im feeling awesome, god bless to those people who have suggested this, i love you guys!!!.


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I just went out and bought the Blue Star Ointnent, I hope it helps. I have had recurring ring worm on my ankles that just won't go away.


I hope it works I've had it on my feet


plz yar help me for this ring worm i am suffering for ring worm with in 5 months help me my frnds what can i do any type of medicine not works in this i change 50 or more doctors but not satisisfied i am helppppppppppp


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