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Merry H

I have been suffering with poison ivy for the past six days. Benadryl, prescription hydrocortisone creams did nothing for the intense itch and spreading. I was insane with the itching. Today I tried a remedy from this page and it worked like magic!!!! I took equal parts of sea salt, apple cider vinegar and dawn green dish soap. I scrubbed all the blisters using the coarsest part of the mixture. Then I formed a solution and applied letting it dry for about 30 minutes. After that I rinsed it off with cool water and applied apple cider vinegar with cotton balls to the sites. OH MY GOD, I cannot tell you how much BETTER I feel and how this dried up all the areas!!!! No more itching, I'm not jumping out of my skin either!!!! I'm just sorry I didn't try it sooner!!! I was afraid to try Clorox, it seemed to toxic to try. This is definitely a great thing to use!!!

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This is ridiculously insane. I tried it out of desperation on my 13 year old. It was not only very messy, but it spread about 3 times.

DONT do this!!


Oh my gosh. I just did this and it is a miracle cure! Thank you


I tried this last night and this morning woke up with a worse case than before. So much for trusting non professional medical personnel. This is dangerous.


I tried your 'cure' and I was burning and itch free within 30 minutes! My husband got tired of me telling him how wonderful I felt. I was going to go to the doctor on Monday if I wasn't better, well I won't be going to the doctor now. I went ahead and put Ivarest on all my lesions, just to help dry them up. I am going to sleep good tonight, and will be telling everyone I know that has problems with Poison Ivy about this cure. Wish I had found this several days ago! It is a little scary at first, the lesions got really big, and weeping, but then everything was wonderful. Thank you Apollo much for putting out your cure!


Worked great for me. Thanks!


I have used this but added flour to make it a paste and let it sit for 30 mins and it has worked great! Just a little messy.


Ok I Just tried this :D the salt did pop those blisters so im hoping im on the road to recovery. For the people it didn't work for im thinking if u scrubbed to widely to other parts of the skin and didn't stay in the poison territory that's prolly why it spread.


poison ivy does not spread!!!!!!!!! you get it where the oil of the plant hits the skin!


I am sorry...but it does spread... I had it for over a week and new lesions would pop up daily...I just got it again yesterday... and still have it from before (weeding somewhere else!) I need to give up on weeding for awhile. Have used all the tricks and hoping that the bleach method will work for me.


The rash does not 'spread' from existing lesions even if they are opened and oozing. The urushiol in the sap (oil) of the poison ivy is what causes the rashes on your skin. Any new rashes that appear are caused by the oil not having been properly washed off upon initial contact.

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