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When I was in college I was affected by athletes foot a few times over the course of 3 years, and I found a cure that works for me.

Now bare with me, it may seem gross.

What I would do.was drink a 6pack and hope in the shower and urinate on the infeceted area. So if youre looking for an easy home remedy urinate in a cup and pour it on the infected areas while in the shower, then let the water wash it away. (will typically take 2-3 applications)

Good luck.

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NoMoItch in MO

I picked up athlete's foot in the locker room during my college football days, I'm 48 now, so if you're reading this you know the pain and aggravation that I've experienced. Somehow it never moved to my right foot, only on my left, between the toes. Comes and Goes over the years, sprays yada yada....then I seemed to have even developed a different kind of fungus on the heels and bottom of my foot, thick, callused, cracked, and ugly, at least it didn't involve pain like the athlete's foot between the toes, at times it was unbearable. So I'm figuring out by reading the posts, there must be different kinds of fungus's that we can contract, because different home remedy's seem to be working, or perhaps anything deadly to fungus works. But I also developed jock itch during my first year of college but that became so unbearable so quickly I sought treatment early from our team trainer, he gave me a tube of something, it didn't work, seems like we tried 3 different tubes before we found that one that cured that specific jock itch strain I had, so there may very well be something to finding the right thing that kills the specific fungus you have. So after saying all of that I wanted to plug in the first and only home remedy that seems to have taken care of my athletes foot and the other fungus that was on the bottom of my foot and heel (that came much later in adulthood, remember I got the AF about 28 yrs ago) my wife saw something on one of the afternoon tv shows about home remedy's, I was currently in an inflamed stage and willing to try anything, so anyway we didn't come up with this, just heard it from a Doc on tv.....Listerine with the teeth Whitening Agent, and 2 months later, we seem to have cleared this crap up. Funny thing is, a few years ago a dog breeder I knew recommended the old traditional yellow Listerine for clearing up different allergies and even mange on dogs, had a couple of stock dogs at the time who had something causing them to scratch the hair off their backs, we bought some of the old nasty Listerine and poured some in a spray bottle, applied it and massaged it in, cleared them up (whatever it was) in a week, passed it along to my dad who's cow dog stayed outside more and had different itching during different times, he swears by it now too. So apparently Listerine has some pretty strong fungus and bacterial agents that can kill several different things....but on the athletes foot, we went with the type for whitening teeth and it seems to have done the job finally after nearly 30 yrs. Good luck folks....hops this helps some of you.


Pee on it in the shower cures it with in just a few days stops the itching almost instantly the salts and ammonia in the pee kill the fungus works like a charm


I am actually going to try the peeing in a container and putting it on it in the shower. I went and bought althelics cream, powder and spray and the itch is still horrible. I know that a lot of countries use urine to heal things. It is sterile and has a natural antibiotic. I know in our country though people tend to think they are too good for using some of the home remedies but they sometimes work better than spending $$ to fix things.

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