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I had genital warts for almost a year now and figure out how to cure them...But first I am going to tell you what not to do because it can make things worst..DO NOT AND I REPEAT, DO NOT TRY TO FREEZE THEM OFF WITH dr. scholl's freeze away wart remover.That leaves scars and WILL SET YOU BACK YEARS OF CURING WHAT YOU HAVE..I promise you and don't let any doctor perform that method on you.The bottom line is that some girl is going to look at your scars and wonder why your penis is all black and blue..Also don't listen to the other people that try that method and are telling you that it works..They are trying to ruin your life because they made the same mistake...What I have found that works is Apple Cider Vinegar, tea tree oil, and some kind of lotion to heal the skin...You need all three remedies!..The Apple Cider Vinegar works but you have to HAVE PATIENCE!...Plus you have to take breaks because it will make your skin all red and dry...The Apple Vinger Cider will destroy the wart layer by layer and eventually go away..The tea tree oil will shrink the wart to a minimum..The lotion will help heal the skin and shrink the wart to a minimum also...The thing that I figure out is that, the faster the cure, the more likely a scar will appear..And that defeats the whole purpose...So be careful of treating your warts and believe in me as I promise I will not lead you into failure..Good Luck!

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anxiously waiting!

Thanks...I am on day 2....White and I hope they are going away forever!

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