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Thankyou all for the gr8 remedies!!!!the garlic and salt worked like a bomb!!!!I am pain free!!!!off to a good nights rest!!!!

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how dose the garlic and salt work


Thanks for the remedy last night I had a severe tooth ache literally I was dying nothing worked except garlic and salt I don't know how it works for me it's like bomb seriously like a bomb thanks a lot for the remedy


how to do that.?


Yes please how does this work? ? Do I mix with warm water or just putvthe garlic n salt right on my tooth??


Just visited the dentist they re did a filling said I would not have any pain after nova Caine ware off pain came back just did the garlic and salt remedy and the pain is not as bad as it was I will continue this about two more times before my next visit to the dentist


I'm sorry the garlic n water didn't work at all I tried it and nothing don't believe this people on to the next remedies

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