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Kidney Stones:
Drink a 6-pack of Coca Cola (Coke) followed by a 1/4 of a cup of pureed Asparagus

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John d

Home remedies don't work nothing that the body can consume will dissolve a kidney stone, I have put some of the stones I passed into coke for 3 days no change in size,same with vinegar.

The coke remedy can actually cause more stone,the theory is not coke intake it's large volumes of liquid, so just drink a lot of water you will have the same results,flowmax will also help, I take daily because of cronic stones, find out what type of stone and change your diet,if that does not work get tested for primary hyperoxulria it is a genetic disorder of the liver, that create to many oxalates in the blood depositing them in the kidneys causing stones. Also a word of warning too much toradol giver for pain at ER and in hospital after or for pain can cause your kidneys to fail,no more than once a month and never if you all ready have any renal failure. Good luck stoners, take pain meds,flowmax and lots of water

John d

Post script
A hot hot bath and water or beer help also, but no beer with pain meds, don't take them unless u need them.

I have passed over 200 stones and coating ain't life grand?


Soda pop is one of the worst substances to consume if you have kidney stones.


Last year about this time, I was in excurutiating pain from kidney stones. At the ER, they did an ultrasound, and said I had kidney stones. I have one in both kidneys that were still up in the kidneys, may still be there, I don't know. One was over 8mm? or is it cm?. Anyhow, I was on medications, and it took me several weeks before I felt normal. After weeks, I tried the coke and asparagus. It seemed to help some, but I wasn't sure. It may have took so long to recover because I had let it go on so long before doing anything, or it could have been the very large stones.

Last night, I started having painful lower back pain on the right side. By morning, I could hardly get out of bed. I decided to try the coke and asparagus before going to the ER. I drank almost a whole 2 liter of coke zero (I'm diabetic), and then about 3/4 a cup of pureed asparagus, then a bottle of water. Was difficult, because I felt like it was hard to burp, so I was getting indigestion. That subsided. I went to pee about 4-5 times. That was a few hours ago, now the pain is about down to a level 3, and when I woke up, it was about a 7-8. So is it working? I don't know. I didn't have a strainer, but I think I saw a tiny piece of something in the toilet, and when I urinated, it burned a bit, and I had 'tingling' down there. Burning is gone, and so is the tingling. So maybe that was the stone traveling it's way out. I know soda is bad for you all the time. But maybe for this one remedy, it is okay. Of course, if it gets worse again, I will go to the ER. But it is worth trying. I may try the apple cider vinegar thing as well, to make sure I am 'clear'.


Soda is a leading cause of kidney stones


I just got over a bout with kidney stones and my Doctor told me to stay away from the dark sodas, among other foods with high Oxate levels!


It worked for me and my son. If the person weighs more that 180 lbs., he may have to do the treatment twice.


YES soda is a bad ting, BUT MY MD TOLD ME about this! He said that he would never normally recommend soda, and asparagus is actually high in oxylates and not good for kidney stone sufferers, ****BUT THE COMBINATION of soda and asparagus together causes a chemical reaction that WILL WORK to pass (pull the stones with it) the stones****. He said to drink 60 ounces of WARM coke- NOT DIET, and puree 1 pound of asparagus and drink the soda within a 2 hour period and then down the asparagus. It was hard to get it all down, but I got most of it and held it as long as I could. Then I HAD TO barf. I then took a hot soak and passed the stones (5 of them) that same evening.

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