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The best and cheap remedy for body odor is use baking soda (Sodium bicarbonate). After shower apply a pinch of baking soda (add little water to make it a paste) and apply both armpits. This will protect you from body odor for more than one full day. No side effect also. This will not stain your clothes also. You can apply tea tree oil or some other pleasant smelling essential oil subsequent to baking soda to have pleasant fragrance throughout the day.

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Baking soda thing worked for me. I tried this in the last couple of days. No odor through through out the day so far. Thanx much for the tip.


Be careful the after prolonged use the baking soda although it works great can rub your skin raw and turn armpits black, whether you add small portions to water, lotion, shea butter or other things its very abbrasive. It does keep you odor free all day but ive experienced the negative side effects as well as others just look it up. However i have sensitive skin but my friends who experienced the same dont have sensitive skin.


I tried this out and it worked great


I did the baking soda for 2 weeks now BUT my skin is burnt and i can barely put my arms down.... Im in pain. I was even doing the baking soda daily thats how great it worked but it burned me alot.... Now im back to square 1


I tried baking soda for a couple of years. Just recently I had to try deodorant again because it was irritating my armpits. Also, there were salt stains on my shirts from the baking soda.


Also, I didn't make a paste w/the baking soda, just used it dry, so that might have contributed to my underarm irritation.


I suffered for years with bad odor, no matter how clean I was. Then I started to take zinc and it went away. Thank God!

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