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ODD BUT TRUE! You can buy lidocaine gel @ any pharmacy. 2, 3, and 4% require a prescription. 5%, however, is completely over-the-counter and cost me $6.73. I use this for my skin disease, but there's nothing to indicate that it cannot be used orally. Straight lidocaine on an exposed nerve really does the trick. Slap a dab on a A-Rod and keep it there for a few minutes-until pain subsides. I have no idea why lesser amounts require prescriptions but 5% doesn't. I keep it on hand for all my peers!!

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THis is the best, though in the US it all requires a RX I get it- It's 5% Lidocaine, with a slight mint flavor


Found some way back in the cabinet. It expired in March,but still worked great. Thank you for the post. Couldn't find anything that said don't put it in you mouth. Just a little on a q tip and I'm pain free!

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