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I've suffered from B.V for years and the doctor always prescribed me Flagyl and refused to tell me why i get it or how i can fix it forever, It was always just a temp fix. I always ended up having it every time after sex...i knew right away i'd be off to the dr the next morning for a prescription. I did some research and realized it is an imbalance of PH? so i decided to try Folic Acid and Acidophilus vitamins! I'M CURED! NO MORE MEDICATIONS AND TOXIC POISONS GOING IN MY BODY DOING NOTHING BUT HARM AND TEMPORARILY PUTTING ME AT EASE!. PLEASE TRY THIS IF YOU HAVEN'T. I never felt happier and healthier.

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I am going to give this a try. Bn dealing wth BV after sex for years myself. I even had my Radiologist tell me tht I ws allergic to My Gyno said Ph balance issues. Thanks for the tip. :)


I take the same two vitamins together and that has definitely worked for me as well!


I got this with one boyfriend, it is because our PH balance was off but I realized guys have different PH in their sperm due to diet etc. How is it that only this one previous boyfriend caused me to get BV, because my PH could not overcome his PH (which must of been much higher due to his diet etc) I have never before or since had this issue. So in a sense I was allergic to his sperm, although it's really just our PH balance incompatibility.

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